Bitter Twitter: JWoww Says She Doesn’t Like Fake Stuff

“No more soda or unnatural energy drinks… Yuck…” –JWoww, via Twitter

Forget the Year of the Dragon. 2012 is set to be Year of the WTF Are You Talking About?!, at least if you happen to follow Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley on Twitter.

Let me get this straight. JWoww will NOT pour artificial sweeteners and dyes into her precious temple of a body…but she WILL stuff her breasts full of silicone implants? And let’s not forget about her newly wonky face.

jwoww plastic surgery












JWoww has denied any plastic surgery but as a girl who grew up in Newport Beach, California, trust me, I know nips and tucks when I see them. Not only that, but I’M A HUMAN BEING WITH EYES. Any denial of going under the knife is beyond LOLZ…and pretty 🙁 if we’re being honest. I mean, if you want to make a change, at least own it!

Girls, does JWoww’s mind-boggling hypocrisy get under your skin? Or, between her fake hair, fake boobs and fake tan, is she right to limit the artificiality wherever possible? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • Kayla

    Look, slamming on Miss Jwoww about her looks and opinions about soda is mean. If she does not want to drink anymore soda or energy drinks, it is fine. Do not bring her looks into it.

  • peanutpimple

    If the girl.wants plastic surgery so be it that’s her porogative but I think its a lie saying shes gonna stay sway from dyes and unnaturall flavors she drinks alcohol daily no doubt she has consumed fake flavors in the past 24 hours.

  • Zoe

    Her boobs, her nails, her tan, and her face are all superficial changes that she can do if she pleases. Her wanting to stop drinking some unhealthy stuff is for her health, and if she wants to be healthier then more power to her.

  • S0Exciited

    If whoever wrote this story is referring to her Wendy William’s interview on the show, J Woww only denied getting work done to her face. And the only thing I see different about her face is that it slimmed down.

    I personally love J Woww.

  • skibexhiroko

    how can she say that ,”she doesnt like fake stuff”…being so fake…lol