I Need Glasses But Refused To Wear Them–Until Disaster Struck!

Is seeing clearly even worth it? I wasn't convinced.

During senior year in high school, one of my friends got glasses for the first time. We were all goofing around and seeing how we looked in them–but when I put them on, I realized I could actually see better with them!

I’d always just thought nobody could read signs that were far away (hello, humans have limitations, right?), and that of course at night everything got harder to read, including street signs that were basically across the street. Needless to say, I ended up getting my own pair.

i need glasses

My Hogwarts look wasn't exactly gonna fly at the club!

Thing was, I hated wearing them. I thought they made me look nerdy and generally uncool, so the only time I’d really wear them was in class (surprise, surprise, my grades went up when I could actually see things!) or at the movies (it’s dark in there, so vanity could go out the window).

I definitely never ever wore them when I went out and wanted to look cute. One night, during my freshman year at college I was out with my sister at this dance club in Hollywood, and a cute-seeming guy asked me to dance. When we started talking, I thought he was so nice and really cool. He never tried to lay a hand on me, which was a nice change from the usual sleazeballs at this place. He asked if he could take me out to a club the next weekend, and I said sure, but he’d have to bring my sister, too, since we shared an apartment and I knew she’d want to come along. Cool, cool, right?

He didn't look quite this old. . . but close!

I was excited about my date with this guy–until he showed up. There–out of the darkness of the club, in the full fluorescent beam of my building’s hall lighting–I could actually see him for the first time. And um, let’s just say this guy looked like he was about 50 years old, wrinkles and all. Yes, this guy was in awesome shape and he dressed well, but because I hadn’t been wearing my glasses, I couldn’t see his face and had no idea he was practically a senior citizen!

A girl in glasses? Gorgeous.

My sister still teases me about that night–and I would too, if the roles were reversed! I still don’t wear my glasses all the time (I don’t really need to see everything at Sunday brunch, do I?!) but do I wear them for the important stuff now, including dates. And to my surprise? Turns out my boyfriend thinks they’re pretty cute. Finally, I think I’m starting to see.

Do you wear glasses? Let me know if you love them or hate them in the comments!

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  1. avataravatar says:

    I had to wear glasses since I was ten. I always thought I neerdy in them.
    I refuse to wear them to school whatever happens.

  2. avatarTheMusicNerd says:

    I wear glasses, I don’t really have a choice because with everything wrong with my eyes I’d have to get a certain kind of contact and they’d be expensive and uncomfortable, but truth be told, I LOVE my glasses. They’re a part of me and with out them not only do I feel lost, but well, I could actually end up lost. Haha

    • avatarmr 34 says:

      hi i need glassess but not all the time i have double vision in my left eye because i have a loose muscle in it. plus im also long sighted in my right eye so thats why i where glasses sometimes. if my eye muscle dosnt get tighter i need a operation to tighten it . i dont want to have a operation though because then i wont need glasses and i like wearing them.

    • avatarBillie Jo says:

      If, like me, you have to wear glasses all the time you are being very positive. Get frames that suit you and regard glasses as part of your looks and personality.

  3. avatarEmoGirlsRule! says:


    • avatarLaurence says:

      I’ve seen people selling so-called fashion frames; ie, glasses without lens, might that be what you’re looking for?

    • avataravatar says:

      yes, emogirlsrule. there are fake glasses in almost ever accesory store. i dont know why u want them though. i absoloutley hate my glasses.

    • avatarJim says:

      Emo if you soooooooooooo want glasses you can get any kind you like in any kind of prescription for a very small price. “zennioptical.com” offers thousands for less than $20.00. If you don’t want the fake ones and having to explain why your wearing fake glasses you can order a pair and just have -.50 lenses put into them. It is a very weak distance prescription but anyone with normal vision it actually just gives them slightly better vision and doesn’t harm your vision.

    • avatarJim says:

      If you really want to wear glasses, waht’ stopping you. All you need to do is go online to “zenniopticial.com” find a pair that suits you and order them with a very slight prescription of -.50 in both eyes. You will b surprised that even with our perfect vision these glasses will improve your vision slightly. Best aprt is they wont do any harm to your eyes and you wont be lookded down on for wearing fake glasses.

  4. avatarGrace says:

    I absolutly LOVE my glasses!!! <3333 ;)

  5. avatarMary says:

    I do wear glasses but I also have contacts. I love them both.

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