Reader Hookup Confession: I Had Sex In The Bathroom Next To My BFF

sex in the bathroom

Apparently bathrooms are a pretty steamy place..

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

I went out to a club with a bunch of my friends one night and met a really cute guy almost immediately. We spent most of the night dancing together until we both decided we needed a little privacy – even though he was a stranger, I brought him into the girl’s bathroom with me when no one was looking.

We jammed ourselves into a stall and started hooking up. Just as things were getting intense, I heard something in the stall next to us that sounded like two people who were doing the same thing as us. We both paused for a minute, just long enough to hear a voice come from it… saying my name. I froze, and then realized that the voice sounded familiar – probably because it was my best friend. I said her name, too, and once we both realized that we were having sex in bathroom stalls right next to each other, we started hysterically laughing.

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Warning: orange juice and being naked do not mix well (but they do make for a good confession)!

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  • Hanna

    Funny story, love it!
    I just don’t get it, how can some girls give in SO fast when they barely know the guy?

  • maaandy

    ….in a bathroom? at a club? with a guy you just met? classy.

    • Lostgirlfindingherself

      I totally agree maaandy

  • brooke678

    That. Is. Legit. (:

  • Pretty.Smile

    ………You had one awsome night

  • niaBoo

    hahaha great minds think alike 🙂

  • PrettyGURLRocks

    WOW ! That is crazy.

  • fruitypebbles

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s so funny me too but my bff wasn’t there and i think it’s actually kinda funny to look back on now.

  • SuicideSilence

    Oh, woooow, I could never do that

  • Alex

    LOL that sounds like something that would happen to me and my biff!

  • Jada

    I wonder how those guys felt… 🙂

    • Mary Delia

      LMAO! my thoughts exactly

  • Fab

    wow thats crazy.. and funny..

  • ……


  • danielle

    Lolz that was funny

  • Kristin

    lol its kinda funny. but i think its cool that u guys have the kind of relationship were your comfortable enough to just laugh it off!

  • zoey

    mood ruined lol

  • Angel.

    omg lolz that’s epic!