9 Shows From The ’90s We Miss, And What To Watch Now!

Stop living in the past, girl. There are plenty of current shows to love!

TV in the ’90s was kind of the best. I mean, TGIF, the CW, Saturday mornings, Nickelodeon at its best! When I think about it too much, I go into a total mourning period. There are tears, snotty tissues and an obsession with re-watching old eps and talking about them… in depth… to anyone who will listen, as I explain the greatness that was my favorite show.

If you are still in mourning over a long-lost ’90s fave, I’m here to cheer you up and let you know there’s hope for good TV out there. Here’s a list of some new shows that will fill the hole left in your TV lovin’ hearts.


We all miss the Hey Dude gang!

For a similar quirky small town feel, check out the country characters of Bluebell in Hart of Dixie. Remember Brad, the girl who came from the city to the dude ranch, and how super cool she was? Dr. Zoe Hart–another big-city transplant!–will win you over in the same way.

Dawson! Le swoon!

Missing Dawson, Joey, Jen, and Pacey? Meet the quick-witted guys and girls on Awkward and join the debate of Team Matty versus Team Jake. Beau Mirchoff who plays Matty does a good job of filling James Van Der Beek’s shoes!

Buffy+Angel=Forevs . . . so why’d they go off the air?!

If you’re hungering for a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer style vampy drama with plenty of alive/not-so-alive love fests, you’ve gotta watch Vampire Diaries. Mystic Falls isn’t exactly Sunnydale, but enough creepy stuff is afoot there to get you hooked.

Remember all the mysteries Marshall and Simon uncovered on Eerie Indiana?!

Clearly you’re into a good sleuth-fest, so you’ll totally love a slightly darker and decidedly more female version of the show in the form of Pretty Little Liars, where four girls try to crack their own murder mystery.

She really did explain it all!

Clarissa Explains it All gave us teen life through the eyes and words of a smart, sassy, suburban girl and now Suburgatory is dishing out more of the same, if a bit updated. If you loved how Clarissa thought her whole world was wacko, you’ll relate to Tessa’s reactions to life in a small town, too!

It’s her laugh I miss most!

Can’t imagine a wackier role model than Fran Fine from The Nanny? Let me introduce you to Joe Longo on Melissa and Joey. It’s kind of the same set up from your fave show, but with the gender roles reversed. Cool, right?

They put a spell on me!

If the sisters on Charmed made you fall in love with witchcraft–and the dangers involved with it!–fear not The Secret Circle will give you loads of spells and deep dark secrets. And keep you tuned in week after week.

This show def earned its spot among the angels!

If you miss the family love in 7th Heaven you can get your fix of lessons on love and parental support on Secret Life of the American Teenager. Is it corny sometimes? Yes. Is that why we love these shows? Obviously yes!

A true original!

If Blossom was your kind of girl: quirky, smart, surrounded by men with a smart aleck best friend–then you’ll fall in love with Jess on New Girl. There’s no hat but she’s got a great pair of glasses.

They were always either at the pool or playing pool, amirite?

Still want to live at Melrose Place and be part of the drama, schemes and sexy singles? (The remake just wasn’t as good!) Check out Revenge and get yourself all dirty with this new primetime soap.

What shows from the ’90s do you miss the most, and what are your new favorites? Tell us in comments!

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