10 Best Graphic Novels You’ve Gotta Read

best graphic novels

Pure indulgence!

Some people think girls don’t like comics. Those people are stupid.

I’m the first to admit I’ve got a major heart on for graphic novels. Gimme a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy couch, and a juicy illustrated story, and I’m good for hours. Maybe a whole weekend if I’m lucky! But when I first wanted to get into them, dudes at comic book shops only suggested soap-opera type stories, figuring I’d like them since I’m a girl. Finally a few friends turned me onto the real goods, and I’ve never turned back.

Here are eight of my favorites, along with two that I’m dying to dive into.

Watchmen was the first I ever read. The movie doesn’t even compare.
best graphic novels


Fables is all about the fairy tales you love, but with a darker twist.


Persepolis is about a cool, rebellious girl growing up in Iran.


Love and Rockets, Volume 1. You’ll fall in love with these punk rock girls.



Sandman is from the same guy who wrote Coraline. It’s super gothy.


Fun Home is about a girl learning about herself–and how to deal with her family


Feeding Ground is about werewolves, spooky myths, and survival.



Blankets looks so romantic–and I’ve heard it’s amazing. Buying it this week!

Do you read graphic novels? Which ones are your favorite? Did I leave any great ones off my list? Let me know in comments!

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  • robin

    Blankets is alright. Well told but a little bland . Y the lastan ansld alan moores swamp thing are my favourite. Sandman too, but that’s already up on your great list.

  • rebecca

    yup. maximum ride! god i love that series! it’s about these flying kids escaping these mad scientests!

  • Anna

    Scott Pilgrim, anything by Alan Moore (there’s already 2 of his books up there!), Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Girly, Marry Me, and… IDK I’ve read too many.

  • Anonymous

    Ghost World by Daniel Clowes!

  • Rose

    Black hole by Charles Burns

  • Tallis

    AH! NIEL GAIMAN’S WORK! You bring me so much joy. For people who are reading this and like Niel Gaiman, look up The Graveyard Book and Mirror Mask. Love Niel Gaiman, AH! <3<3<3 (BTW he was the one who wrote sandman and Coraline)

  • Ally

    So closet-nerdy of me… Death Note… dear god…. *face palm, but goes on* I’m sorry but it was freaking beyond awesome.

  • Q

    I’ve read most of the stuff on your list, though I am still reading Fables. I loved The Sandman and I felt sad at the end because I read the whole thing in one summer. Watchmen was good, but I can’t even talk about the movie because it just ruined it. I want to read Love and Rockets. Two graphic novels you missed are Bone by Jeff Smith, Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan, and Lock & Key by Joe Hill.

  • kendra joy bethune

    i read aa graphic novel sex lies midnight it was really graphic to me about a guy mark and matthew rose it was really trashy it was more for the over 30 crowd like me from harlequin
    it was so steamy the 2main chartcers were having an affair mark rose and emily smith
    it was almost like the movie boogie nights but pure trash every body were writters i heard britney spears read trash novels and i read fiction

  • Jess

    Age of Reptiles, Black Hole, Whiteout, Maus, Dear Creature, Blankets, Swamp Thing! Still have to read the Watchmen I bought. And I really wanna read Habibi! SO many on my list.

    • Jess


  • Anonymous

    i loved fables! i’m in grade 12 and i’ve been looking for a copy for one of the books since grade 9!!

  • sara15

    love Blankets <33

  • Amelia

    You seem to have missed The Walking Dead! Best comic series EVER.

  • Anonymous

    Blankets was very good! I loved it and I plan to read the others on the list too! I think people should check out Solanin and what a wonderful world and not simple! I liked them very much.