Pick One! Long Hair vs. Short Hair

short hair

Vanessa chopped off her hair for a movie. Would you?

Have you ever cut your hair short? Let us know how it looked in the comments!

Now, tell us what you think about winter fashion!

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  • anona

    Never! In fact, I haven’t had short hair since I was a little kid! Long hair just looks better on me and I also prefer having long hair, even though taking care of it can be frustrating at times. I do get it trimmed sometimes to get rid of split ends, but that’s about it.

  • glo

    Michelle Philips, Ginnifer Goodwin both inspired me to cut my mid-length bob into a short pixie do. So short it was shaved in the back. I will never do it again!! I came to realize short hair is not for me. Oh, well, it’s growing back.

  • Natalie

    In my early elementary school years I had long brown hair down to my butt. One summer I relized that i was getting really hot even with it in a pony tail. so I decided to cut it to my shoulders and I did. It was way better! But i still kept getting really hot so i cut it to my ears and I HATED IT so i grew it out and its alittle longer than my shoulders. i want to grow it out alittle more but its not going to be as long as it was…

  • Rachel

    I had long blonde hair (down to my butt) up until the summer before 9th grade. Then I hacked it all off, and dyed it purple a few months later. It’s so much better. Never going back.

  • Nic

    Oh heck yes!!!! I was long blonde my whole life and just recent chopped it to my ears and dyed it red! My fiancé CANNOT keep off of me, he thinks it’s soooo sexy! I love being a short-haired redhead (naturally brown). Next time I get it cut I’m thinking about buzzing my nape a lil 🙂 what do you guys think of the buzzed nape style?

  • ariana

    I have short hair and. I love it but I cant wait to grow it out.

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY! Lol.

    • Heather

      Ok… Me too!!! My hair is just at my shoulders, I really like it.. I have had it short for almost 4 years now, and I have now decided I am growing it out again.

    • Nikki

      I have short curly hair and its easier to do, since I cut it, but I can’t wait to have it long again cuz I can do more things with it

  • roxyroller

    a few years ago I had moderately long hair.. like somewhere past my shoulders (i have naturally curly hair). and i got bored with it.. so my first daring thing I did was get shoulder length and dyed brown, and then after it grew out again, I cut it into a bob (just above shoulders when dry)before the new school year (sophmore).. it was easier to maintain… but curly hair is hard enough… i’m starting to get to know my hair… and then just after 2nd semester started I got a Joan Jett hair cut (grown out mullet) and dyed it reddish, but still VERY red. That was my serious dare.. and I promised my dad I wouldn’t get my hair cut until i turn 18 cuz he doesn’t like short hair… I’m kind of looking forward to long hair… i want to be able to braid it….

  • Ella

    I used to have long shiny hair until one day I got tired of having to take so much time to wash, dry, and brush it, plus it always got in the way so I’d tie it up in a ponytail. I went and cut my hair to a bob and sent the hair to locks for love. When I went to school everybody kept asking me “why’d you cut your hair!?!” in this shocked voice, shocked! I just want to say 1 thing, I am proud of cutting my hair, it’s easy to take care of, it’s a new look, it focuses your attention to my face and eyes, and the main thing is that it’s ME. It shows my true personality. I do not regret cutting my hair and I will not change myself cause you want me to! Be yourself and be happy.

  • megan

    i happen to have EXTREMLY long hair. ppl tell mei should cut it, but i dont. what they DONT know is that i made myself a promise two years ago that when my hair reached the back of my knees, i would chop it down to a bob and donate it to Locks for Love. right now its down to my upper thighs, so it shouldnt be long.

    • rebecca

      Uh does ur hair make u look like a hippie?

    • Heather

      My friend is like that… I think it looks gorgeous!

  • Katheryn

    I had long hair for pretty much my whole life (Like past my boobs) and at the end of my sophomore year I decided to take a risk and cut it all of! Now I have it in a bob that hits me at the jaw, and everyone seems to love it; I get comments all the time saying, “I don’t even remember you with long hair! Short hair just fits your personality so well!” So I chopped it all off and never looked back 😀

    • PurpleCutie

      I know me too and long hair is coll you can do it diffrent ways and some people just look better with long hair then short.

  • sara15

    long hair looks prettier,but some girls have ‘that’ face for short hair 🙂
    they look beautiful without long hair.

  • Dóra

    When I was about 10 years old I had to cut my hair because I went swimming almost every day in winter and I didn’t want to get a cold, so I had short hair then, but now it’s long and I prefer it this way.

  • Lauren J

    i cut my hair short 4 times. the first three times it didn’t look good cuz i have really curly hair and had no idea what layers were at the time (hello triangle hair). the 4th time i chopped it off, it was for locks of love this summer and i had layers put in. i still have the rock star look i had with longer hair, so yay. i just wish i still had all the hair. i feel like a part of me is gone haha. it’s growing fast though, so yay again 🙂

  • Sarah

    Yup! I get mine all chopped off at least once a year. By the time I’ve grown it out for the year, I’ve already styled it the way that I’ve been wanting too in that long haired fashion and I’m sick of dealing with the long knots in the back. I normally get it cut into an angled bob and donate it to Locks of Love, which with it even being the length of halfway down my back, will fit about two heads with it’s thickness. I love hair of all lengths and styles, so I have no problem getting it chopped. 🙂