The 10 Best Misspelled Tattoos EVER!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was, like, one big book full over every word in the English language that not only told you how they were supposed to be spelled, but what they meant as well? OH WAIT, there is: it’s called a dictionary. But apparently this is late-breaking news to the following idiots who went ahead and got oh-so-permanent tattoos on their bodies without bothering to spellcheck them first.

But, their D’oh! is your LOL so take look at the greatest misspelled tats of all time and remember girls, think before you ink!


Methinks you’re also singl. And the bacne adds that certain je ne sais quois, don’t you think?

misspelled tattoos












Let’s Get Frunk!

This was found on someone from Beijing, this is seriously what they had to say about their ink:

“Mine simply says FRUNK. The letters are so beautiful and flow so smoothly into each other. The word actually means old soul with young spirit in English. How cool is that? :-)”

Girls, can the word “frunk” henceforth mean “Someone oddly proud of how lame they are”?








The Tonw

Prepare to be shocked, but a guy who gets tattoos on his face doesn’t always make the best decisions. For example, he didn’t bother to waste valuable seconds double checking that the inker knew how to spell the incredibly complete word “town.” But maybe this wasn’t a mistake; he could be trying to settle his own new city…full of illiterates.












Tradgedy Strikes

Let’s hope she’s a fan of irony.












Tomarrow Never Dies

I’m not sure who Tomarrow is, but he’s going to be pretty mad at her total lack of faith in him.












Exremely Embarrassing

So. Many. Things to. Make. Fun of! Brain! Overloading! But this tat can be salvaged: just slip a C between the X and the R, and tack on “NT” to the end. Now that’s an appropriate tattoo for this guy.












Bitter Sweet

Let’s hope that this is in fact a misspelling and not what she intended to write. Yikes.












Your Next

Uh no, I’m Shallon. See, right here on my nametag? SHALLON. Not Next. Who’s named Next, anyway?









RiRi Gets it Rong

What would a shameful gallery like this one be without a few celeb entries? We all know that Hayden Panettiere’s Italian tat is misspelled, but did you know Rihanna has some awkward ink too? She intended for her art to say “forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control” in Sanskrit, but the words are misspelled. Maybe next time stick to a language that someone on planet Earth actually speaks.








Justin Timberskate

Ok true, this was only a fake tattoo for his role in Alpha Dog, but Justin Timberlake’s faux-ink probably wasn’t supposed to spell “ice skating” in Japanese. Just a guess.







Have you seen a funny misspelled tattoo? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  • Joe

    Justin Timberlake’s fake tattoo was in Chinese, not Japanese. Big difference.

  • SKY

    WHY would a beautiful girl cheapen her body with such stupidity? Women are some of God’s most beautiful creations. Why would you mess with that and try and improve on what He’s done such a magnificent job on already?????????

  • Danny

    The extreme tattoo is not misspelled. The top of the X and the back of the R make the T. Just like the bottom of the first E and the back of the M and the right side of the M and the back of the second E. It is sill an extremely embarrassing tattoo though.

  • Yola

    People still speak sanskrit. And the comments on some of these are kinda bitchy. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with caitlyn – also, the “FRUNK” tattoo is fake. it’s photoshopped. this is from a fictional article about Chinese people getting English letter tattoos that was meant to parody Americans getting Chinese symbol tattoos.

  • Caitlin

    Ok, sorry to point this out, but your commentary for the “Your Next” tattoo makes no sense. Your is possessive, so yes it is the wrong form, because it should say “You’re Next”, but saying “No, my name is Shallon” is actually correctly responding to what you thought it should be. It makes it sound like you think next is somehow wrong, like the N was capitalized accidentally. Like, that response would be appropriate for “You’re”, but a better one for “Your” would be “My next what?” because like I said, your is possessive. (I.e, your teddy bear, your hair…)
    Sorry for being a Grammar Nazi.

    • Lontay

      LMAO…. you sould have done the commentary on the tat!

    • jaynie

      yeah, that bugged me too.