Testing 1-2-3: Soda That Tastes Like Flowers?

Tastes like flowers. Or chemicals.

I had to quit you, Big Gulp. I'm sorry you're so sad now.

In high school I practically lived on soda. My motto was: Why pour a glass of plain water when you can have a delicious soft drink? But then one day a light bulb went off in my head and I realized just how many calories I was downing every time I filled up a Big Gulp: 400! I’m not one to count every single calorie, but even I couldn’t deny how ridiculous that was. So as a result, I cut out soda completely. And I haven’t really missed it, until lately. For some reason, plain water has started tasting so . . . plain!

That’s why, when I heard about ELIXIR Floral Infusions, I was excited. They’re bottles of super-concentrated natural floral essences that come in four flavors: rose, lavender, orchid, and hibiscus. Think of how intense the flavor is in vanilla extract—-it’s like that, but with flowers. All you need to do to have a handmade Italian soda is to mix a little bit with some club soda (that’s where the bubbles come from). The best part? They only have 20 calories in a serving. I couldn’t wait to try them!

So pretty, right?

When I got them, I first took a whiff of each one, and honestly started to question the concept. They smelled like a flower shop—how could they possibly taste good? But I was still game to give them a shot, so I stirred a splash of each flavor into a glass of club soda and ice. I know there’s more to a beverage than appearance, but I couldn’t help but notice how fancy and girlie-looking the pale pinks and lavenders were. If they tasted as nice as they looked, I’d be happy.

I worked my way down the line, tasting all four of them. Each one was slightly different—the lavender was almost berry-like, the hibiscus was so faint you couldn’t really taste anything, the rose was kind of icky because it reminded me of my grandmother’s perfume, and the orchid was mild but still had a nice taste. They weren’t too sugary, but still had a sweetness to them that was pleasant.

I'd rather look at them than . . . drink them.

For me, it was a little too strange to drink sodas that tasted like flowers. But you can also pour a little into iced tea or lemonade, which I think would be a lot better. They might work better as a complement to another flavor, not a stand-alone taste. I’d also save them for when you have friends over or are throwing a party because each bottle is $13—way pricier than typical sodas or juice! As for me, I’m going to keep on drinking my plain water until something better comes along.

Are you a big soda drinker? Would you ever give it up? Tell us in the comments!

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  • 4evrmileyfan13

    These sound actually pretty good. Especially orchid. Idk why!!! 🙂

  • Missfiction

    i tried to eat a flower once


  • Anne

    I would try this, i always like trying something new