Body Talk: My Calves Are Crazy Big

my calves

All you soccer players out there? I think you feel me.

They’ve always been pretty big. My mom’s are big, my aunts’ are big, and my grandma’s were big. I’ve grown accustomed to them, but I still cringe at how much attention they get whenever I wear something fitted. They’re always sore after I run. Men don’t seem to mind them much, but I always feel like the waif-like women at the gym are judging me because of them.

For the record, I’m talking about my calves.

The calves that make skinny jeans without stretch a near impossibility. The calves that make boots that I can zip all the way up worth more than diamonds. The calves that make me self-conscious whenever I wear a skirt.

my calves

Ever have this problem? So annoying.

Their girth is partially due to genetics (my mom’s legs look like tiny tree trunks) and partially my own fault. Since I learned to walk, I’ve taken the stairs two at a time–which makes my similarly outsized donk look pretty delightful, but makes my legs look pretty diesel. Additionally, I’m about the size of a garden gnome, so I wear heels almost all of the time, which stretches them out and firms them up–and makes them grow even wider.

I never noticed just how enormous my calves were until I started school, stood next to other girls, and immediately wanted to hide. They all looked delicate, feminine, and pretty in their shorts and dresses. They looked like every adjective ever used to describe a gardenia.

I looked . . . Sturdy. Durable. Solid. I pretty much looked like every adjective ever used in an ad for a garbage bag.

Awesome ballet dancers have big calves and they're gorgeous!

Over the years though, I’ve learned that heels make my legs look more proportional. I learned to point my toes in photos to look longer and leaner. I’ve also learned to appreciate what those giant calves can do for me. I can kick hard and high (World Cup, here I come!). I could probably outrun an attacker if I had to, or maybe even rush to someone’s rescue if they needed it. That makes me feel pretty good. And? My calves make me just sturdy enough to hold up my donk. I might fall over otherwise!

Do you have issues with your legs? Do you love them or wish something was different? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jason Colyar

    My gf the love of my life whom I will someday marry has huge muscular calves. It’s actually one of the most attractive looks on a woman, my personal favorite. She’s more accepting of them now, because I dote on her abt em. I mean…just muscular legs on women. Think about it..its logic. If a man has nice arms and shoulder and chest you think, he’s a strong male. He attracts you, he’d make strong healthy children. When a man sees a woman with their stronger half, strong hips, thighs, calves especially if you has slender ankles. We think…strong woman…not just hot or sexy but hot sexy and strong. She would give me strong children. It’s truly a blessing and pretty rare. I’d own it if I were in your shoes.

  • Eva Frank

    I have the same problem. My calves are massive and I feel insecure everytime I see them in the mirror or in a picture next to my skinny leg friends. I hate that our society has carved out this perfect image, making anyone out of that feel awful. I’m getting used to them I guess, just accepting that I can’t do anything to change them. I have found out that stretching the calf muscles has made them look a little less wide, more elongated. Also leggings that go half way down the leg makes them look smaller.

  • Ashley Lee

    I agree, My calves are pretty shapely. They are wide and up high. I cannot use to words to describe how they look. I think the only way to say it is that they look like I’m in ballet! Lol, but big calves don’t bother me completely but at the same time I increase in insecurity and worrying about my looks every time I put a dress on or put leather boots on, or even shorts. Esspecially SKINNY JEANS omg, the struggle to fit one leg in those suffocating jeans, now I just wear flare jeans or boot cut and call it a day. And the thing is I’d rather be born with regular ones and work on getting them in shape than being born with big ones because it runs in the family. I don’t even know how it could run in my family. I’m Filipino,black,German, and French. My mother told me it was the German and that the German woman are very muscular. But I hate to muscular! I feel like a guy next to a guy, like it’s weird how my legs are bigger than theirs. But if that’s how God intended for me to look than so be it. We mise well show them off while doing a sport and put those things to good use! I’m in that Volleyball, Track Runner, Swimmer life! 🙂

    • Eva Frank

      I agree with if that’s how God made us, then we need to accept it. Imagine one of your friends working really hard on a picture and then after they give it to you, all you do is point out all the mistakes and ugly things. That’s kinda what we are doing with God. He made us each different and beautiful, we just need to see it that way ourselves too.

    • Rotimi

      I actually love girls with nice calves.

  • tasha

    My calves makes me sick!my mum nd oda sisters’ ar nice so i wounder wer i got mine!i get rili ashamed wen i wear sumtin dat exposes dem.

  • eugeneboyd

    To all the ladys on this web sit pls do not feel bad about your muscular calves im a man who happens to love women with thick powerful calves .There is nothing like feeling a womans strong shapely legs in my hands.for every woman here at this sit their is a guy some ware who will love your personality and your packedge that mother nature provided so be happy and carry on.

  • Sabrina

    I used to be self conscious about my calves as well. but then I came to the conclusion that I am what I am so now I’m gonna just “work em”

  • giscard

    I wish I had your calves…… I often get really insecure about my legs when I wear shorts and it sucks because everyone stares

  • fed up

    I just hate my legs,I won’t wear dresses, shorts. I’m older now I did wear them when I was younger but had to be skinny thin , but now I’m older and out of shape I just hate them. I wish I didn’t have them. They are not attractive @ all to me, so how can I expect a men to like them.

    • ali

      😮 oh my God women are so clueless there are men out there that love big pretty legs so much im one of them , its intoxicating especially tall are curvy like cheerleaders and short skirts and sexy boots OMG

  • Seymour calves

    Ladies shouldn’t ever be ashamed if their big calves. Ther is a whole subculture of men who WORSHIP women with big calf muscles. I post pictures of women with big calves on twitter. You can share your pics @bestpicsonhere

  • Izzie

    I’m known around school for my calves. Everyone notices them. I do track and my calves are even bigger than some of the guys. They hold sessions just to discuss my calves. I don’t mind though. As much as they laugh about my calves, when I wear something short, they’re the same ones saying how I have the nicest legs on the team 😀

    • Nik

      I think they might be jealous, I wish I had yr calves.

  • Jasmine

    I have the same problem and i really hate it;( everyday im blaming my mom for the gene she gave me :'( the only good thing is that im tall, but i still have nooo confidence with short dresses!

    • Nik

      Jasmine, you shouldn’t blame yr mom for that, you should think you are blessed to be tall and to be in shape.

  • Nina

    My gosh, can I relate about big calves! I’ve done ballet for 8 years, so my calves are HUGE. I always get self conscious about wearing shorts, jeans, basically anything because of my calves (and also thighs). I always complain to my friends that I don’t like my bulky muscular thighs, but they’re all like “I WISH I HAD YOUR CALVES. They’re so strong” So in a way, I guess it’s good to have big calves. I just wish I was like those girls that have muscular calves and thighs, but they’re still slim. Like some of the prima ballerinas.

    • Nik

      I think it’s one of the greatest outcomes of being ballerina to get in shape, It’s great to have big calves, I think it’s blessing.

  • Laney

    I made the volleyball team and we have to do everything on our toes so my calves are huge too! I have to roll my skinny jeans off! plus side is when i flex my crush gets a kick out of it and we talk all the time about how mine are stronger than his!;P

    • Nik

      Volley ball is complete sport, I think it develops calves. do you practice volley ball for long time?

  • Stacy

    I know exactly how you feel. My calves are pretty thick (something, I too, didn’t notice until someone mentioned it to me. Actually even then I was still oblivious to the fact that they were.) After awhile I became self cautious about them when I stood next to my friends but then I realised it’s muscle plus genetics, and the thought of stopping sports or not going to the gym didn’t really float my boat. So I kinda just accepted them but yes the occasional insecure thought does creep in but hey 😀 I’ll be over it before long. And plus I have a family that’s constantly making jokes about them, so I laugh it off.

    • Nik

      You have very good sense of humor, I really like it.

  • Latrisha

    Well, I use to play soccer a LOT and I was known as the ”Soccer Chick” at my old school but as I moved to the city, I had to move schools and i kept noticing that whenever i sat down with my girl friends my calves would be bigger.

    • Nik

      I played soccer for many years and I wish I had gotten big calves. Were you professional player??

  • Razzmatazz

    I have this problem, and I totally HATE it!! Is there ANYway to make them smaller??

  • Heather

    I’m glad im not the only one with this problem, I still struggle with dresses and skirts but im getting better with it. (:

  • copperkicks

    I have a lack of calves lol its really bad. I cant wear boots because my legs swim in them =\. I use to have calves back in the days when i Did wrestling, and Color Guard but College did it in for me. lol Sooo consumed in work and school I don’t even work out anymore.

  • Anonymous

    AAAH same here! I love boots, but I always end up getting bigger sizes so they can zip up all the way, yet there is a big space inside where my foot goes. :l
    Either way, I’ve grown to accept them (not yet love them lol) and I wear skirts without worrying anymore. I find that if I wear black leggings/tights they slim down a bit. 🙂

  • Emily

    I have this exact problem! I’m a ballerina and not only are my calves huge but my thighs are too! I love skinny jeans but i hate the way they show my muscles….