I Can’t Believe He Said That

put outSo, obviously in life there are things that you think but don’t say, and then . . . there are things that you shouldn’t even think. Some dudes don’t understand either of these rules.

This one guy I dated was clearly someone who missed the memo on how to not be a total jerkface in life. When he started pursuing me, he seemed like such a sweetie. I thought he was kind of shy–he didn’t even try to kiss me until our third date! I figured he was after me because we both loved Family Guy and Cameron Crowe films.

Boy was I wrong. He ditched me pretty quick, before we even got a chance to really know each other, and started going after some other girl. When I asked him about it, his response was . . . something I’ll never forget. He actually said:

“I figured you’d put out because you have big boobs.”

Uh, did I miss a who-should-put-out class when I hit puberty? What does my shape have to do with what I will or won’t do? Ugh. Sounds like I dodged a bullet (to the chest).

What’s the dumbest thing a guy’s told you? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Liza

    So, I like my friend Leslie’s bnyrfieod, and I told her and she was totally cool about it I fell really bad still especially because we went ice skating and since me and Paul-the dude I like-can’t skate he asked me to hold hands with him, I did which was awkward .Then we spent like the whole day together and Leslie wasn’t there He is really sweet and I feel bad because Leslie is freaking awesome She told me though that she might break up with him before Christmas so I could have him then. Help me please!!!

  • T


  • Jaden

    One Time,I Had to sit in groups of three.
    and i was Pared with trey&Jennifer..Jen was a tottal airhead..so I Figured i was gonna do all the work ( Wich i did ) And I was laying on my stomach,And trey broke a pencil in half,and said he could get it in my shirt..so they both sat there..throwing the pencil in my bra.and When trey finally got it in..he was gonna get it out,so before He could,I Did. And We started talking about boyfriends,and he was like “Jaden,Has ur heart been alone ur whole life?”
    I Was Like..OhMyGOD. No.It hasnt. So Stfu.

    This was only in 5th grade!

  • Marrie

    There is this guy on my swim team (we’re friends) and he always talks about his gf’s. One day he asked me and my friend how many boyfriends we had had. We both said none. He looked at me and said “ Oh. You don’t look like a girl that will date someone until she is in university“
    And when I said that I will date in high school and eventually get married he looked all surprised. I was sooooo mad at him.

  • Kristal

    Well here recently, I’ve been crushing on this guy, HARDCORE. To the point of losing sleep.
    So a couple of days ago, I was texting him and I had asked him what he was doing that night because I wanted to hang out with him and he said he was busy. After awhile, I just decided to tell him I like him through a text message. Well his response was “Ok? And?”

  • Katrina721

    Well I remember two really dumb things two guys said to me, sorry if I write an essay.

    The first time was when I was 15 I remember sitting in history class having to sit in groups for an assignment. Well I had to sit next to this guy who I thought was really funny and I didn’t mind sitting next to. I was having a bad day at the time and he was joking around with the girl sitting across from me, and he said something to her really low so I couldn’t here. Her faced looked surprised then a little annoyed, so I asked her what he said, well the guy was just laughing to himself and the girl told me I dont wanna know. I was really curious and asked her again. Finally she said, in his own words….”I bet she got double D’s” I lost respect for the guy ever since that day.

    Second time was when I was out with friends and we knew this guy who we all thought was cute, they all said that he thought I was cute from looking at one of my pictures. So they decided that I should meet the guy. Well we went to the spot where he hangs out wit his friends and we met and barely got to talk to each other since I had to leave soon. Well after we left one of my friends got a txt from the guy saying “I dont look like I date” (after that he never even looked at me and started to set his eyes on someone else). I was shocked and thought to myself “Well how the heck am I supposed to look like?” Am I suppose to wear a sign around my neck to actually prove to people that I date?” I took offense to that and decided that what he really meant by that was that “I dont look like I put out” Ugh guys can be such jerks sometimes XP