10 Things We Wanna Drop In 2012 (Besides The Ball)

2011 trends

This flashy thing isn't the only thing we'd like to drop!

Let’s be real: 2011 was a pretty sweet year, but it wasn’t perfect. We compiled a list of 10 things we hope we can ditch in 2012 — because if the Mayans are right, we don’t want to spend our last moments being pissed off. (We can’t speak for everyone, but we’d like to spend ours eating cake, playing with puppies, and staring at Chris Hemsworth.) With no further ado, here are 20 Things We’d Like to Drop in 2012 (Besides the New Year’s Ball).
10. Hot guys in dorky superhero outfits. Can’t we just let them look . . . hot?

2011 trends

Come. On. If he were at a club, we'd all laugh.

9. The Kardashians. I can’t even remember why we cared to start with.

The sweatshop allegations were the final straw for me!

8. Pointless movie sequels. Doesn’t anybody have new ideas?

This was just . . . oh man.

7. Dick picks. From anyone. Especially on Twitter. Yuuuuuuck!

Keep it in your pants, dudes.

6. Nightmare pageant queens–and mini-princesses for that matter.

Rule of thumb: Four-year-olds should not look like they're forty.

5. People being famous because they’re insane/screwed up.

Charlie was embarrassing, not something to celebrate.

4. Major 3-D overkill. There’s even 3-D deodorant. No joke.

It'll stop all three dimensions of your stink?

3. Celeb bump watches–and celeb pregnancy skepticism, too.

Beyonce's pregnant. Get over it everyone.

2. Creepy old dudes scamming on young girls.

You're to blame, too, Stodden. Creepy Supreme.

1. Bullying. Let’s be real: People are not punching bags.

Def DON'T want to drop rad campaigns like this one.

What do you want to ditch in 2012? Did we miss anything so awful you can’t stand it anymore? Tell us in the comments!

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