Confession: I Peed My Pants At A Party…And Didn’t Go Home

Peed my pants

Is it really?

Here’s a fact about me: I’m not what you’d call a partier. I’m more of an in bed at 10pm-er. Well, most of the time. There are those rare occasions when I cut loose. And this confession is about one of those times.

I was at a party that was flat out awesome. One of those DJ’s killing it, everyone’s dancing like maniacs, my bangs stopped looking good hours ago but I don’t care parties.

Another fact about me: I have a bladder the size of a Dixie Cup. The story of my life basically alternates between two scenes — walking back from the bathroom or having to go to the bathroom. It’s a problem in many situations — long car trips, dates that last more than an hour and dance parties. When I’m really in the groove, I can’t stop bumping and grinding and face sweating just because I have to pee. The groove holds me hostage…and I like it.

Peed my pants

Ah, the gotta go dance. I know it well.

At this party, I was caught in a dance floor vs. bathroom showdown. For about five songs in a row, the dance floor was winning. If my bladder could talk, it would have yelled, “I get that you like Outkast. I do too. Let’s just take care of some business. You’ll be back in time for the chorus.” But my bladder doesn’t talk, so I kept dancing.

Then, it happened. My bladder gave out. Not in a slow, let’s warning tinkle way. In a full on, fire hose way. I was peeing my pants. On a dance floor. In the middle of a crowded party.

I sprinted to the bathroom and made it to the toilet before any pee had leaked out the bottom of my jeans, which was a small relief in the puddle of grossness I was wading in.

Peed my pants

I blame this guy for bringing me back to the dance floor.

I hiked up my wet jeans and shamefully headed out of the bathroom, ready to grab my coat and dash home to a shower and hand sanitizer. When I stepped out of the ladies room, though, I heard the opening trill of Jackson 5’s “ABC.” (I told you, this DJ was killing it!) It’s really hard for me to keep still when Jackson 5 is on. They don’t call me Jackson 5 Julie for nothing. (Another fact about me: I’ve spent my whole life gunning for the nickname Jackson 5 Julie. It’s never caught on.)

Peed my pants

Awesome party! Someone here must be peeing their pants. That's how parties work, right?

I saw my dance circle waving me over. I felt my feet tapping. My hips swaying. And before I knew it, I was back on the dance floor, shimmying up a storm…in a pair of pee soaked pants.

After Jackson 5, Kanye came on. It’s pretty much sacrilege to leave a party when Kanye’s playing. And then Gwen Stefani. Same thing. Another can’t miss song came on after that. And then another. Before I knew it, the party was over, my pants were dry, and I’d peed my pants at a party and didn’t go home.

I didn’t tell any of my friends what happened until the next day. And even then, they refused to call me Jackson 5 Julie. I mean, what else do I have to do to prove I deserve that nickname? Sheesh!

Are you grossed out by this story or amused? What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at a party? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Bellea

    Ahaha! You’re *supposed* to enjoy those perfect moments when they come along. Good for you!

  • Cassidy

    This is stupid. I only read the heading & that’s all I need to comment. I stumbled upon this & had to look b/c it’s like a car crash as you want to peak

  • Pit

    Naughty and hot, loved your story.
    (OMG – turned me on to say the truth)

  • Paula

    I have suffered OAB my entire adult life but the worst accident came three weeks ago at an office party when I wet my city shorts and couldn’t hide it. I can’t imagine continuing to party in wet pants but I guess I have become so used to wetting that I could be persuaded to do so.

  • Haffyrone


  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    …I am so sorry.

    -Bye Now! B^D

  • Leyla

    lol that was funny

  • gsjishh

    you are like a small baby

  • ahq

    Love your story and would love to dance with you in peed in jeans…very hot story

  • Ericka

    It’s funny, happened to me once too :S

  • ambeer.14

    LOL. my friend had the same exprience as you but while she was half asleep. She was sleeping over & pee’d a lil’bit. right in my pj pants! 😮 Luckily she got to the bathroom before I could feel anything, 🙂

  • Pit

    Call me a pervert, I tell you I am not… But that story gets me going.

  • ajamarie

    kinda funny. lol!