For Your FYI: What’s Up With Kwanzaa?

what is kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a super cool holiday full of tradition.

Kwanzaa, a holiday celebrated every year from December 26th through January 1st, is a huge mystery to a lot of people–and was to me, too, until a few years when a friend explained it to me. And I have to say? I think it’s pretty cool.

It’s a fairly new holiday (the first celebration was in 1966), and it celebrates and honors African heritage and culture. I don’t know about you, but I think anything that gets you back to your roots and brings family together is amazing. It’s estimated that about 2 million people mark the holiday every year.

People who celebrate Kwanzaa light seven candles over the course of the holiday, and each one represents one of the seven principlesof Kwanzaa:

what is kwanzaa

The Kwanzaa feast is ah-may-zing

  • Unity
  • Self-Determination
  • Collective Work and Responsibility
  • Cooperative Economics
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Faith

Every one of those is something I can get behind, body and soul. So, Happy Kwanzaa everybody!

Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Do you know anybody who does? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Imara

    I celebrate Kwanzaa every year, and I invite people of every race to come celebrate with me. Its lots of fun really! And it really reconnects me to my heritage and inspires me to be a better person and work with my community to make the world a better place.

  • Kadee

    This isnt a racist comment, just an observation. Many people (like myself until recently) believe that kwanzaa is a celebration for africans as in black people, but really it is for anyone with a heritage in africa. My friend moved here from Africa and there family celebrates kwanzaa and, though i dont usually payattention to the racial aspect of things, she and her family are white. Again this wasnt a racist thing, just clearing something up in case some one else thought this like i used too 🙂

  • girlbubbly

    I don’t yet celebrate kwanzaa but I will starting this year after reading this!