Good Gurl: You’re More Powerful Than You Know

we day

Joe Jonas and Nina Dobrev hosting a slammin We Day event.

So, obviously you and your friends are smart, you have strong opinions about big issues, and your voices need to be heard–but a lot of lame, old politicians and leaders tend to disregard young people, thinking they don’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

Newsflash: They’re wrong (obviously!), but somebody is doing something awesome to shift the balance and let young people lead. Free The Children, an amazing youth-empowerment organization, hosts super hot (and free!) We Day concerts and events to show young people that they really can make a difference, and how they can do it.

And these events? So. Much. Fun. Let’s just say Nelly Furtado, The Jonas Brothers, and a ton of other amazing artists have performed at them. And the girls and guys who’ve attended have done an overwhelmingly impressive 1.7 million hours of volunteer work, inspired by what they learned at We Day.

Pretty cool, right? Right. So, here’s how you can get involved–and it’s so easy. Just “like” We Day on Facebook! That’s it! When you do that, their sponsors will donate $1 to fund these incredible events. I know $1 might not seem like a ton, but when we all do it? It makes a huge difference. Remember, girl, together we can do just about anything!

If you could change something about the world (anything!) what would it be? Tell us in comments!

Then, learn how you can spread more love in the world!

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  • Chantale

    I was there! That picture of Joe and Nina is a picture of We Day in Toronto Canada and I was in the audience! It took place in the Rogers Centre. It was great! There was a lot of people and enthusiasm, there was things to buy, and you got a free goody bag while seeing a lot of celebrities. We Day was amazing!