Queefing 101: Did Air Just Come Out Of My Vag?!


Queefing during yoga is like sweating while running. It's going to happen!

Group yoga is pretty intimate. You stretch and sweat with a group of strangers while bending your body into unusual positions. Last week, as my yoga instructor pushed a girl’s leg back, a loud trumpet sound bellowed from her nether regions. You could have heard a pin drop. Just when I was about to feel really bad for the teacher positioned between her legs, the girl said, “FYI, that wasn’t a fart!”

A queef is also known as a vart, meaning vaginal fart, vegan fart or a fanny fart to my British friends. Basically it’s breaking wind from your vag rather than your anus. It can happen during sex or physical activities like yoga or pilates.

The first time I experienced a queef I was completely mortified, but I got over it pretty quickly. Queefs happen!

Queefing 101

1. What is a queef?

A queef is the sound and action of air being emitted from your vagina. Although it’s considered to be a fart from your vagina, there are no intestinal gasses being expelled so there is no odor.

Yes, Jackie. That was totally a queef.

2. When do queefs happen?

Queefs happen when there is air pushed into the vagina and then it is expelled. You can’t predict a queef but they can happen when fingers or a penis move in and out of your vag, trapping air inside of you. What goes in must come out.

3. What should I do if I queef?

There is no such thing as an unacceptable reaction when it comes to the natural processes of your wondrous body. Just laugh it off. It’s no big deal. One of my BFFs says that she jokes, “That’s what happens when it’s really good.”

4. How can I avoid queefing?

You can’t prevent queefing for sure but really, why are you so worried about this? As you and your partner get to know each others’ bodies you may notice all sorts of quirky things. This is what makes us beautifully (okay, and hilariously) human.

South Park likes to make fun of queefing all the time!

5. What do guys think of queefing?

If a dude is experienced, chances are he’s experienced a queef or two already. If not, it’s still okay. Embarrassing things may happen on either side. This is why it’s a good idea to have sex with someone you trust and feel super comfortable with. Some guys even find queefs erotic. One guy even told me that he feels like it’s like a burp after the best burger. (I know, weird. But whatever.)

6. I queefed. So now what?

So you feel awkward for a moment. You’re not the first woman to queef in front of another person and you won’t be the last. You won’t enjoy yourself if you’re worrying about what your body might do.

7. Why do queefs exist? To punish us?

I’m convinced that queefs exist to make us all take things a little more lightly and remember that sex (and yoga!) is supposed to be fun. You should be able to smile and laugh in bed and on your yoga mat. There is no reason to be ashamed of natural body functions.

Have you ever queefed? What happened? Tell us in the comments!

Want a laugh? Check out this cute comic about granny panties! Too funny!

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  1. avatarCandi says:

    My boyfriend likes to power tork me hard and fast from behind. His dick is huge and just about splits me in half. It makes me queef like crazy. My pussy sounds like a machine gun!

  2. avatarBritt says:

    I remember when my hubs and I first started dating, we used to have sex ALL the time. So the first time I varted during sex with him, it sounded so weird and I remember I pulled away so fast & threw the covers on me. “What’s wrong? “, he asked. “You didnt just hear or feel that?!”. I was so sure after that moment he was gonna not want sex with me ever. He just laughed and said “I’ve heard worse baby”. It surprised me how it didnt bother him at all and occasionally it still doesnt. Still, when it happens while we’re doing it, I giggle.

  3. avatarGaby says:

    Me and my boyfriend were having sex today in the bathroom and we were standing up but i was bent over the sink, we stopped a few times but then kept going and after he finished I queefed soooo long it was my first time ever and soo embarrassing he could not stop laughing. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. ughh it was so bad I still laugh about it

  4. avatarJayana says:

    Okay so my boyfriend and I were getting frisky and he flipped me around and bent me over. And I didn’t mind, but then the in thinkable happened, he spread my cheeks (I feel embarrassing saying that Lol) and I queefed. I was so embarresed but he thought it was hilarious. So because of that I got over it Pretty quick. Now every timeI queef I just laugh.

  5. avatarBambi says:

    I squatted down once to pick up my pet kitty, I was wearing stiletto heels and a leather mini skirt. As Miss Kitty is quite large and very heavy she was hard to lift. I am very top heavy, having huge double D breasts. As I went to stand up all that weight, combined with teetering on six inch stiletto heels caused me to tip over. I blasted a queef so violently I almost blew my panties off. It was so embarrassing! It sounded just like a road warrior fart! I could have died!

  6. avatarmaria says:

    my bpyfriend and i were having sex for the first time since we started dating everything was going good until we were doing doggy style and then it happened…. i queefed it was so embarrasing and he was making fun of me like “baby did you fart?” i was all “NO” then he said “i know i know your good” hahaha i was soooo embarrassed he still teases me about it lol

  7. avatarAutumn says:

    Last week my boyfriend and I were doing doggy (note we’ve been together for a few years) and I queefed during sex for the first time and he stopped because he thought I farted on him and I thought I was gonna cry it was so embarrassing. He still makes fun of me.

  8. avatarBonquisha says:

    My boyfriend and I were doing the nasty when all of a sudden I heard a farting noise. I was sooooooooooo embarrassed but he just laughed n told me “you good bae”. I aint care if I was good or not that was so embarrassing! The fact that it happened a few times while we was doin it nearly made me wanna stop.

  9. avatarKaykay says:

    To be honest my first time was when I was masterbating. Out of nowhere i felt weird. I put my fingers in and I was freaking because it felt like air. Then I queefed a couple times and im tight as ever!

  10. avatardanii says:

    mine waaaaassss so long ang loud i wanted to cry cause we wernt even done it happened twice already

  11. avatarSerenity says:

    Queefing after you finish sex is sooo embaressing :( But my bf dont mind he always tell me that he aint trippin is all good! Still embaressing tho :/

  12. avatarBig question says:

    Hi all,

    I went through this site and I’ve read a lot of comments and experience. I appreciate all the info, and thank you all for that.

    I’ve tumbled against a question which I can’t find any answers to, only one comment from SAM. Who basically mentions that if you queuing as a girl this means you already had pre-maritial sex.

    And my questions is to all the ladies and professionals who work as a doctor.

    If a girl that is claiming that she is virgin, and she becomes uncomfortable when you touch and in addition she makes queefing is she VIRGIN???

    I would appreciate all the responds.

    That you very much all.

    Have a good day/night.

    • avatarSarah says:

      This is the DUMBEST question i have ever read. Ever! Queefs are caused when air is pushed into the vagina. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether youve had sex before or, *sigh*, the sex was premarital. Jesus Christ, how stupid are you to think your body functions change depending on your marital status? This is the perfect example of why religion is bad for people. It prevents you from using common sense. How about you get your head out of your ass and educate yourself.

    • avatarNina says:

      It is perfectly normal, it happened to me when I was a virgin and it was all ok when I had sex the first time (which was with my husband). I heard that sometimes infections can lead to the accumulation of air in the vagina, before marriage. It is perfectly normal.

    • avatarKaren says:

      I’m fairly certain that queefing has nothing to do with your virginity/hymenal status. the first time i had sex i queefed and i didnt know what was going on. therefore even if a woman saved her virginity for her husband, she could still queef the first time they do it.

  13. avatarSam Stars says:

    I break up with any girl that queefs. When a girl is a virgin, she does not queef. If they queef, it means they are impure and had pre-marital sex. The queef is a demon being released from their genitals. The more they queef, the more pre-marital sex they have had. It is the way God designed women so men would know if they are impure on their wedding night.

    • avatarRaynebow the Virgin says:

      Well, then someone must’ve had sex with me at some point when I was asleep, because I’ve never knowingly had sex with anyone and I queef. Also, if you actually read this, it does clearly state that a queef is air that got into the vagina in one of many ways (happens to me if I move my legs too far apart) that’s being pushed out like a fart or a burp.

    • avataryou are retarded says:

      Lol no.

    • avatarNina says:

      I have officially found the most stupid person on this planet. Good luck being you.

    • avatarSam Stars is an A**hole says:

      Good God, you are as near sighted as they come! Also, why would you break up with a girl who’s not a virgin if you yourself have had premarital sex? I hope (for your own good) that you realize you’re being completely ridiculous and sexist. A**hole.

    • avatarSharkeisha says:

      Uh wtf I’m a virgin and ya I masturbate but I queef and I’m not sexually active at all is never even put anything in me

  14. avatarAwesome Pie says:

    Sometimes I do it on purpose just cuz its fun and I know how to.

  15. avatarJocey says:

    my boyfriend and i were having sex, we were both like so high right so we were in the mood.We love doing it doggy style, so we did it, and like we were doing hard, and once he pulled out i queefed. Lmao. Omg. I laughed so hard for like 5 minutes straight. Lol. Im glad i was high bc i found humor in it and i didnt just get embarrassed. I can still think back and just laugh at it. I guess its normal. Hehe

  16. avatarMelissa says:

    I have this happen more then once during sex but it’s only happened well in doggy style I use to be embarrassed so I use to not do doggy style but now with the relationship I’m in I’ve learned not to care. Yet I wonder why it only happens well in doggy style but no other way?

  17. avatarChelsea says:

    After reading all these comments, I don’t feel so embarrassed anymore. I’ve been going out with this one guy for about 8-9 years. We use to have great sex, and we still do!! We had sex last week. We were in a mitionary position, and switched to doggy style. As soon as that happened. I queefed. He didn’t say anything. He just kept going, but I was so embarrassed! We had sex a few times that night. After we finished, he spanked my ass, and I queefed again. He just started laughing, as I was in embarrassment!

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