Queefing 101: Did Air Just Come Out Of My Vag?!


Queefing during yoga is like sweating while running. It's going to happen!

Group yoga is pretty intimate. You stretch and sweat with a group of strangers while bending your body into unusual positions. Last week, as my yoga instructor pushed a girl’s leg back, a loud trumpet sound bellowed from her nether regions. You could have heard a pin drop. Just when I was about to feel really bad for the teacher positioned between her legs, the girl said, “FYI, that wasn’t a fart!”

A queef is also known as a vart, meaning vaginal fart, vegan fart or a fanny fart to my British friends. Basically it’s breaking wind from your vag rather than your anus. It can happen during sex or physical activities like yoga or pilates.

The first time I experienced a queef I was completely mortified, but I got over it pretty quickly. Queefs happen!

Queefing 101

1. What is a queef?

A queef is the sound and action of air being emitted from your vagina. Although it’s considered to be a fart from your vagina, there are no intestinal gasses being expelled so there is no odor.

Yes, Jackie. That was totally a queef.

2. When do queefs happen?

Queefs happen when there is air pushed into the vagina and then it is expelled. You can’t predict a queef but they can happen when fingers or a penis move in and out of your vag, trapping air inside of you. What goes in must come out.

3. What should I do if I queef?

There is no such thing as an unacceptable reaction when it comes to the natural processes of your wondrous body. Just laugh it off. It’s no big deal. One of my BFFs says that she jokes, “That’s what happens when it’s really good.”

4. How can I avoid queefing?

You can’t prevent queefing for sure but really, why are you so worried about this? As you and your partner get to know each others’ bodies you may notice all sorts of quirky things. This is what makes us beautifully (okay, and hilariously) human.

South Park likes to make fun of queefing all the time!

5. What do guys think of queefing?

If a dude is experienced, chances are he’s experienced a queef or two already. If not, it’s still okay. Embarrassing things may happen on either side. This is why it’s a good idea to have sex with someone you trust and feel super comfortable with. Some guys even find queefs erotic. One guy even told me that he feels like it’s like a burp after the best burger. (I know, weird. But whatever.)

6. I queefed. So now what?

So you feel awkward for a moment. You’re not the first woman to queef in front of another person and you won’t be the last. You won’t enjoy yourself if you’re worrying about what your body might do.

7. Why do queefs exist? To punish us?

I’m convinced that queefs exist to make us all take things a little more lightly and remember that sex (and yoga!) is supposed to be fun. You should be able to smile and laugh in bed and on your yoga mat. There is no reason to be ashamed of natural body functions.

Have you ever queefed? What happened? Tell us in the comments!

Want a laugh? Check out this cute comic about granny panties! Too funny!

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  1. avatarleah says:

    i was stretching so i could do good when i cheer for next year and as i was extending my leg their was a fart sound but i knew it wasnt from my ass so i actually pushed more and more came out !!!! I was in shock i had queefed i started dying

  2. avatarJose Stone says:

    “When the coochie fart I take it like it’s saying feed me Seymore! It’s funny so I gotta smile…”

  3. avatarBarbara says:

    Lol I was having sex with my boyfriend and we are completely comfortable with each other so anyways I had my legs spread out and what not and as soon as he pulled out I queefed and honestly I couldn’t help but burst out laughing I had no clue what my body had just done! Both me and my boyfriend just laughed about it and I told him hey I guess that’s natural and that that is what’s supposed to happen and it happened 3 times and each time it happened we broke in to laughter. Was I embarrassed hell yeah ! But hey it happens and I thought it was funny and my boyfriend was my first and we just delt with it .

  4. avatarJerrry says:


  5. avatarstaci says:

    my boyfriend and I decided to try it from behind and of course I was a little nervous I am not experienced, he is my first. I do however feel so comfortable around him. well I turn around. grab the pillow, and brace myself to feel awkward. to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed this position, it felt amazing. until the moment he pulled out after thrusting the fuck out of me and I queefed. as I have mentioned he is my first so this has never happened to me and I was so caught off guard and embarrassed. I am sure my face was red. as we finished up I ran into the bathroom so humiliated. my boyfriend never said anything and still hasn’t. it happened again later on that day but again he never commented or even acted like he heard. I want to talk about it because I don’t want him thinking I farted or something but I don’t know how. its so embarrassing I cant help it

    • avatarIsabel Cole says:

      Omg, I completely feel your pain! Me and my boyfriend were having sex yesterday same position and all, the instance he pulled out, I queefed! Not just once, but three times! It came off bubbly noises for about 5 seconds each time! It was so embarrassing even more so when he asked me, “why did your vagina just faurt?” At least your boyfriend never mentioned it to you !

  6. avatarQueefQueen says:

    When I used to weigh close to 250lbs, I always thought I was really loose and that is why I queefed during sex. It was incredibly embarrassing, especially after my (now ex) boyfriend gave me the nickname Queef Queen. Now that I’ve lost close to 100lbs, it still happens regularly and I can do it on demand. I’ve concluded that my wide-set hips are to blame. Whenever I’m in doggy or on my back, legs over the shoulders (aforementioned ex’s favorite position), the inside of my vagina opens up and sucks in air, all on its own, yet my vaginal opening is still tight. It all has to do with your anatomy and the force behind your partner’s thrust. I would like to mention though, this never happened with my first couple partners who were under or at 5″, so size may also play a part. I’ve learned it also is a lot more likely to happen if your partner pulls all the way out before thrusting back in. Something tells me the pornography industry edits out those natural body sounds, making yet another unattainable standard for women.
    Just laugh it off and continue to enjoy yourself, ladies!

  7. avatarTim Jamal Johnson says:

    Well actually I was shoving my humongous dick in this fine piece of ass I call my girlfriend and I went 7.8 inches deep and came out a little to far then air entered the passageway and then what I had done was rammed my newly shaved penis into the cave and that nigga air had to escape and it created a slippery noise like that putty I used to play with as a kid. She ran out the door and continued to make that puddy sound and I slapped her across the face and told her to hop back on this d if you can handle this humongous meat. But she was so embarassed by a natural body function that she couldn’t get wet to handle the smooth cock. I was very upset by this because I was as hard as a rock and she was as wet as the ocean before the puddy incident. And she no longer wanted me to slide In and out of the mud puddle.
    Ps- yes the mud puddle equals the backdoor reach around
    Pss- I bet I could fuck your girlfriend better than y’all pussys could
    Psss- I just killed my girlfriend because my humongous dick just hit the ka bobber in the back of her throat
    -yours truly,
    Your next door neighbor tim

  8. avatarqueen la queefa says:

    Back in my day before us men had video games the only thing that kept us busy was shagging. In the beggining before we shoved really large items up her vag. She never queefed, but the day after we shoved a fire hydrant up there she couldn’t stop queefing, this made love making more fun. So I would suggest really busting that vag open before you make love. And make sure that you cover the item in latex so no sharp pointy edges can cut it inside. And don’t put it too deep that you lose it in there.

  9. avatarqueefquirkqueen says:

    I’m 21 and I do kegels regularly. My boyfriend always comments on how tight I am and most of the time we’ve got to work at it a while to stretch me out before we can really get going. When we’re intimate, I will more than likely queef at least once, probably because of the interesting positions we come up with. When it happens, we kind of giggle about it, but it doesn’t ruin the mood at all, we just laugh a little, and then get lost in each other again. I queefed even before I had sex for the first time, so I knew it was possible. When I started having sex, It never happened, probably because my partner was really, really boring. I’m talking strictly-missionary-3-minute-man boring. When it did happen with my current boyfriend, I was extremely embarrassed and afraid it was because I wasn’t as tight as I should be, but he assured me that this definitely wasn’t the case. I don’t think queefs have anything to do with the elasticity of your vagina, just your positions, muscle control (if you’re always relaxed, or if you’re like me, always tensing up/exercising) and what you wear. I learned I can queef on demand (I’m not really sure how I figured that one out.) and the few people who know that I can always get a kick out of it (when we were younger, 2 of my cousins used to dare me to go over by the adults while they were all playing cards and queef. they’d laugh and laugh and even tried to get me to teach them how. I tried, but to no avail. I guess I’ve just got great P—Y Control… like the song by Prince! lol)

  10. avatarl says:

    I love queef queens. It’s a really erotic sound of love and sex. I dig it when she queefs.

  11. avatarspantherix says:

    I’m a boy and I love queefing girls alot! *-*
    People who blame them for something so natural should rot in hell instead of making the girls life a hell for blaming her for nothing like this! -.-

    Be natural and enjoy life girls! Don’t be ashamed! :D

  12. avatarQueefqueen says:

    I’m so glad this happened after several months of talking… I was so embarrassed, to the point of saying whys this happening, I don’t like it. The queefing was happening almost everytime he thrusted but he kept reassuring me it was ok, he told me “it’s sex babe, it’s normal” “your super wett, that’s why, it’s ok” & just was so caring and calming about it that there was no awkwardness after we finished. We even repeated the whole thing in pure bliss… I’m researching why this happened and come to find out I’m not the only one.. Positions have a LOT to do with it as well. All I can say for others is dont have sex with someone your not comfortable with…

  13. avatarKalani says:

    I was having sex with my fwb, and he tried eating me out. He seemed to like it, so he fingered me to get me wet again. But as
    soon as he was about to go back in, I queefed right in his face! We both were dying of laughter, but it was clear we both had lost our mood and were done. Especially since he got up and left to go finish his videogame

  14. avatarLolo says:

    Its the 2nd time know and its a new relationship. I laugh it off but he doesn’t laugh bck it means I hv a problem, and it started after having a baby I was okay before. I think I pushed hard when giving birth and my vagina was badly torn. How do I stop it?

  15. avatarLaqueefa says:

    Me and my two lovers have just had a three way and I am a woman who has a very big vagina which Is very loose and I queefed does my bucket have anything to do with the fact I just queefed I’m freaking out right now help me plz

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