Queefing 101: Did Air Just Come Out Of My Vag?!


Queefing during yoga is like sweating while running. It's going to happen!

Group yoga is pretty intimate. You stretch and sweat with a group of strangers while bending your body into unusual positions. Last week, as my yoga instructor pushed a girl’s leg back, a loud trumpet sound bellowed from her nether regions. You could have heard a pin drop. Just when I was about to feel really bad for the teacher positioned between her legs, the girl said, “FYI, that wasn’t a fart!”

A queef is also known as a vart, meaning vaginal fart, vegan fart or a fanny fart to my British friends. Basically it’s breaking wind from your vag rather than your anus. It can happen during sex or physical activities like yoga or pilates.

The first time I experienced a queef I was completely mortified, but I got over it pretty quickly. Queefs happen!

Queefing 101

1. What is a queef?

A queef is the sound and action of air being emitted from your vagina. Although it’s considered to be a fart from your vagina, there are no intestinal gasses being expelled so there is no odor.

Yes, Jackie. That was totally a queef.

2. When do queefs happen?

Queefs happen when there is air pushed into the vagina and then it is expelled. You can’t predict a queef but they can happen when fingers or a penis move in and out of your vag, trapping air inside of you. What goes in must come out.

3. What should I do if I queef?

There is no such thing as an unacceptable reaction when it comes to the natural processes of your wondrous body. Just laugh it off. It’s no big deal. One of my BFFs says that she jokes, “That’s what happens when it’s really good.”

4. How can I avoid queefing?

You can’t prevent queefing for sure but really, why are you so worried about this? As you and your partner get to know each others’ bodies you may notice all sorts of quirky things. This is what makes us beautifully (okay, and hilariously) human.

South Park likes to make fun of queefing all the time!

5. What do guys think of queefing?

If a dude is experienced, chances are he’s experienced a queef or two already. If not, it’s still okay. Embarrassing things may happen on either side. This is why it’s a good idea to have sex with someone you trust and feel super comfortable with. Some guys even find queefs erotic. One guy even told me that he feels like it’s like a burp after the best burger. (I know, weird. But whatever.)

6. I queefed. So now what?

So you feel awkward for a moment. You’re not the first woman to queef in front of another person and you won’t be the last. You won’t enjoy yourself if you’re worrying about what your body might do.

7. Why do queefs exist? To punish us?

I’m convinced that queefs exist to make us all take things a little more lightly and remember that sex (and yoga!) is supposed to be fun. You should be able to smile and laugh in bed and on your yoga mat. There is no reason to be ashamed of natural body functions.

Have you ever queefed? What happened? Tell us in the comments!

Want a laugh? Check out this cute comic about granny panties! Too funny!

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  • Kaylana reaney

    Kaylana here again…i had just finished having sex, like 5 minits ago, and omg did i ever queeeef!!!!! It was sooo embarrassing!!! It was really long and loud…it had sounded like a really loud trumpet! I couldnt believe it!! My boyfriend was so disgusted that he ran off again, i chased after him, and I was so upset, my anus broke out into farting tears, just wouldnt stop quivvering for at least 5 minits! I was so ashamed…the room stunk so bad like fart for the entire day…i wish i would stop queefing

  • Mia

    The awkward moment when you queff and can’t decide if you should blame it on a fart instead Lol

  • Sarah

    Ok so, I’ve been reading these and all of them seem to say it happened during “doggy style” and I just want to know if its more common during this position than any other?

  • Danielle

    Me and my boyfriend were having sex and i queefed. I was starting to put my shorts and panties back on and all the sudden a weird noise came from my vag. I froze in horror and looked at him and he said “was that a fart?” And i said “that wasn’t a fart.” I was so confused on what it was. He said “you queefed” and i busted out laughing. It was to funny. Ive never had that happen before.

  • NattieFaye

    God, It Genuinely Is So Embarrassing… My Boyfriend And I Were Doing It Doggy Style And All Of A Sudden I Queefed. I Felt Really Awkward About It, But Ignored It And Carried On…
    But Then He Did It On Purpose And He Kept Doing It Again And Again…
    So I Pout, Turn Around And Cross My Legs…
    He Coaxed Me To Carry On, But When I Sit On His Face, I Queefed On His Chin. It Was So Embarrassing, But The Rest Of The Comments Have Made Me Feel A Little Better. He Hasn’t Mentioned It Since, But I Feel Like He Judged Me For It xD

  • Tricia

    Things were getting heated with my boyfriend and he went down on me and as I was about to climax, I queefed and he tried to keep going but I was just so embarrassed that I made him stop and it was terrible. I do it while we have sex sometimes and I just hope he doesn’t notice because he never brings it up, thank god

  • Tamara

    Im a girl and personally i like to queef. Im virgin but i can queef on demand. I just get on the doggy style position and open and close my vagina. If u do this though make you have an empty bladder

  • Steve

    I must admit that I love it when my wife queefs during sex. I find it to be highly erotic and even try to make it happen. Doesn’t bother her at all either. I think she likes it just from knowing that I like it.

  • Courtney

    This just happened to me today.. I was in my bio class and we were playing jeopardy to learn the tissues of the body..I went to get up out of my chair and all I heard was about three queefs one after another. I hoped to god no one heard it but for the rest of the day at school, my body continued intermittently.. I was so embarrassed but I was able to tell my bf and we laughed it off