Rant: No Refunds On Holiday Cheer

you can return gifts

I spent a lot of time on these!

I consider myself to be an amazing gift giver. In fact, if I could, I would put that as a special skill on my resume. A lot of thought and care goes into each present I buy; I don’t simply go to Amazon and click “buy” on the first shiny thing I see. Basically, you want to be my friend.

That said, I know this isn’t true for everyone and occasionally we do get something under our tree that doesn’t make our “must tweet about” list. But when did we all start taking gift getting for granted and stop appreciating the thought behind them? The Holiday spirit can’t be bought so why is everyone so eager to return it to the mall on December 26th?!

Don't get so greedy, girl!

I think we all can understand that sometimes there’s an unfortunate gift exchange. Great Aunt Lil gave you another holiday sweater or your new BF bought you perfume that makes you sneeze. It happens, but what I can’t get behind are the people that get more of a thrill from returning gifts than they do by actually getting the gifts in the first place. Isn’t it the thought that counts or is that just an urban legend our parents told us so we’d feel guilty if we didn’t like what was underneath the pretty wrapping paper?

No one, I repeat, no one, should be racing to the mall on December 26th to stand in a return line. The place that only a day ago was filled with jolly music and jingle bells is now jam packed with impatience and greed. People with only one thought on their minds . . . how much money can I get for my stash? The return line at the mall is like the Wild West, it’s a free for all, where the usual rules do not apply. Since it’s the only time of year no receipt is required to return your goods people use this opportunity to return anything and everything they can, even some trendy stuff they bought for themselves two months ago that is now so totally over. Santa would not approve, and neither do I!

Sometimes we take things for granted . . .

So if you plan on driving to the mall on December 26thand standing in that return line, please take a moment to think about the person who took time out of their life to put you on their must get gift list, and then buy them a thank you card with some of your return money!


Are you returning gifts this year? What did you get that was so terrible? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Lexi

    I never return gifts. I’ll exchange something if someone bought it for me in the wrong size. And if by chance I get an item I already own I’m simply donate it to charity. They need it more than I need the money.

  • Hattie

    I never return gifts 😀
    I always (or someone else in my house) find use of everything I get on Christmas 🙂 But I’ll never buy someone something that’s worth taking back. I always ask them what they want and try to get whatever that is or something as close to it as I can. But money (not a butt-load…unless..well, it’s your pocket!) or a card is something you can’t really go wrong with!

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