Heart On For Kick Butt Leading Ladies

Figment contest

Girls are just more fun to read about.

I love to read all kinds of books, and watch all kinds of movies, but my favorite ones tend to focus on super-strong, out-of-this-world amazing girls. I mean, Hunger Games? I read that book in a minute!

That’s why I’m really into this new contest going on over at Figment.com. They want you to submit your own stories about girls who know what they believe in and who struggle to do what’s right–and the winner gets a super sweet prize: feedback from a professional editor (beyond valuable!) and a limited-edition published copy of their story.

You have until February 29th to enter your writing, so make the most of your winter break. I know all you Gurl readers have some fantastic stories to tell, so get writing, and good luck!

What are your favorite books and movies? Tell us in the comments!

Click here to watch the Hunger Games trailer!

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