Gurl Talk: Chatting With Pop Singer Guinevere


Guinevere's look is like something from The Hunger Games!

Have you heard of Guinevere? She’s an expert player of Call of Duty, plays ice hockey, and is a rising pop star. Kind of amazing, right? Just wait until you hear her music!

Guinevere had a few minutes to chat with us, so we asked her The Big Gurl Ten:

Gurl: What’s your worst date story?

Guinevere: I’ll never forget one of my first dates. Let’s just say you don’t order ribs on a first date. It isn’t very attractive to stare at a guy with bbq sauce all over his face and meat stuck between his teeth! Sorry Usher.

Gurl: If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Guinevere: relish…nah, goose liver…nah, beef tongue. Yup, Beef Tongue.

Gurl: Whose phone number do you wish you had?

Guinevere: Kid Cudi..I have a feeling he would have a sexy phone voice.

She loves a Jedi warrior!

Gurl: What’s something you’ve always wanted that you’ve never gotten?

Guinevere: A light saber. Preferably a green one. You never know when you’ll be attacked by Battle Droids!

Gurl: What’s your secret nickname?

Guinevere: I never had a secret nickname. But I always wanted everyone to call me Punky Brewster…

Gurl: What’s the guiltiest pleasure on your iPod?

Guinevere: Megadeth.. I thought I was hardcore in grade 9. Or Aqua..remember them?

Gurl: Best advice you ever got?

Guinevere: Regret Never Sleeps.

Mr. Pickle=Total dream date!

Gurl: Favorite bargain purchase?

Guinevere: I once got 100 Vinyl Records for $5 at a garage sale and discovered some of the best music that has changed my life forever. Also, Walmart had half price pickles last valentines. I bought 14 jars….do the math.

Gurl: Instant pick me up?

Guinevere: Tunes cranked in the car, driving nowhere with my best friend…and being attacked by a great white shark in the middle of the ocean.

Gurl: Describe the high school you in 3 words.

Guinevere: Rebel Prom Queen.

Are you into Guinevere’s look and sound? Let us know in the comments.

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