Testing 1-2-3: DIY Sticker Nail Wraps

Nail Wraps

The result I was hoping for...

Here’s a fact about me: I am kind of obsessed with my nails. I love getting manicures, trying new colors, and attempting to give myself an at-home manicure (normally doesn’t work out so well). In my opinion, plain nails are kind of boring when there are so many awesome options out there.

So when I noticed the newest nail trend all over the Internet of crazy patterns like leopard print and flowers, I was excited to try them. And when I found out that you could create the look yourself with Trendy Nails, which are totally inexpensive, I was even more excited. From what I could see, they looked simple and fun. Plus, if I could get awesomely unique nails while watching reruns of New Girl? Perfect Sunday night right there. So, I got myself to the beauty store, picked out a cute pattern, spent only $8.00 and went home to try it out.

Trendy Nail Wraps are advertised as being a super easy way to create an amazing nail look on your own, but the instructions were way less than clear and I kind of had no idea what to do. Obviously I turned to YouTube, where I found a tutorial that showed me exactly what to do… but, um, super easy? Not so much.

The nails I picked out to try. HUGE, right?!

The wraps themselves are pretty big, I guess so that they’ll fit most nail sizes. The first thing you have to do is cut them to fit your own nail. It sounds simple enough, but since you’re just approximating, it’s really hard to get them at the perfect size. After a few attempts (and destroyed wraps), I ended up just trying to cut them around my nail once they were pressed on (more on that in a minute).

The next step is to blow-dry the wraps for a few seconds – the heat activates the sticky side, allowing them to press on better. On the video, pressing the wraps on looked like a piece of cake: just smooth them down slowly, and they instantly looked perfect. In real life? No matter how slowly I smoothed the wraps down, air bubbles and creasing appeared (even after the second blow drying)… and they ended up just looking like horrible fake sticker nails. Obviously not the look I was going for.

My very sloppy finished product.

And trying to cut them to actually fit on the nail? Pretty much impossible! The edges of my nails only ended up looking ragged and terrible, and the sides were either too big, or too small. Overall my nails looked like I had just spent all of one minute putting cheap stickers on them. Oh, and they also felt yucky and started peeling off almost immediately.

I would never call myself a nail expert, so it’s possible I messed up with these. Maybe in this case practice makes perfect – but the next time I want a super cool manicure, I’d much rather splurge at the salon than attempt these wraps again.

Have you ever tried nail wraps? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Kelley

    There is a very simple solution for the bubbles and wrinkles you experienced. It is the pull method. If you look up how to apply Jamberrys on youtube, you’ll find it. After heating the nail wrap (already applied to the nail), you pull the excess at the top until all of the bubbles/wrinkles pull out. Super simple. Works like a charm. Learned this after I jacked up my first set by trying to smooth out the wrinkles and bubbles with my fingers.

  • Jennie

    Have you tried Jamberry Nails? They are a way higher quality than these Trendy Nail wraps and even though they also use heat and pressure to apply, they are very forgiving if you need to take it off and reapply. They also come in a variety of sizes so you don’t have to trim them to fit your nails. I am a consultant for Jamberry. You can check out my website at http://www.LoveMyNailsAZ.jamberrynails.com. You can also email me through my website and I will send you a free sample.

  • Chanel Andrea

    I also purchased those, I had the same issue. They’re a complete waste of money, I do better drawing my own designs.

  • Nikki

    I saw an infomercial not too long ago about this really cool thing. You have designs engraved backwards onto trays. You put polish on the design, wipe off the excess with a tissue, place the pen that comes with it over top, then put it on your nail. It looked totally cool, and was only like twenty bucks. It came with like three trays of designs, which seemed really cool to me. If I had the money and wasn’t worried about scams (I never trust infomercials, I just wait for it to come to the stores) I so would’ve tried it, but I am a broke college student lol.

  • Penny

    The Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips work really well. Clear instructions, easy to use. No blow dryer required. And they last about ten days – at least, if you’re not an anxious nail biter like I am.