10 Times To Never Ask If I’m On My Period

For those of you who are quick to ask if (or assume) I’m on my period—I know you think you’re clever and cheeky, but really, you’re just pissing me off. Here’s a handy guide as to when I’d rather you kept your mouth shut.


10. When I’m upset that you’re 30 min late—my time is valuable, dude!

9. When I’m stressed about finals—that scholarship? Muy Importante!

8. When I’m pissed that my phone died . . . again.

7. When I want to eat cookies. What? Cookies are good!

6. When I’d rather stay in bed. It’s cozy in there!

5. When sappy ads make me cry (that one with the little girl on the swing? How can you not cry!)

4. When I take my purse to the ladies’ room. There’s lipgloss in there, too, you know!

3. When you ate your lunch and mine . . . again.

2. When I’d rather see a romcom than some random samurai movie.

1. Anytime! My period? So not your business!

What are your period pet peeves? Tell us in the comments!

This post was written in partnership with Kotex. Check out their campaign to Ban the Bland.

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  • Miley

    When I’m at school and I’m annoyed by the drama and a boy ask if I’m on my period when I’m just annoyed. Or when I’m at home arguing with my sister and my stupid brother ask me or yell that I’m on my period when I’m not.

  • Sarah Enzman

    i hate it when my mom keeps on askin me if somethin is wrong when I”m curled up on the couch and it looks like I”m upset no just that time of month

  • Fantasygirl425

    I don’t like when people say cramps arn’t as bad as women make them sound. I get really bad cramps nobody knows how each individual feels.I also hate someone knowing I’m on my period so I try to hide my moodiness and pretend I have no emotions.

  • Lucy

    my boyfriend talks to his mates saying ‘shes on her period because shes moody again’ actually its just how i act.

    • ashley

      yeah even my boyfriend does that but then he acts super cool when i’m on my period.

  • Lizzy

    When my boyfriend says cramps aren’t bad. He has never had one how should he know!