The Complete Guide To Going To The Gyno

No SOS needed!

Before The Visit Prep

Do A Little Research: The first thing you need to think about is finding a doctor that feels right for you. You’re going to be spilling on some pretty intimate sexual and personal information, so it’s important to have a gyno you like and trust. While it’s totally fine to have a male doctor, having a female doctor makes a lot of girls feel more comfortable.

Talk to your mom or your friends about where they go. You’ll probably feel better going to a doctor that you know someone else close to you likes. If you don’t want to ask them, you can ask your regular doctor for a recommendation, or you can most likely find resources through your school nurse. And if you don’t have good health insurance, or you don’t want your parents to find out, you can go to a Planned Parenthood in your area.

This will be you (basically)

What To Ask On The Phone: When you call to make an appointment, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ask. First, if you know you want a female doctor, let the receptionist know. It’s totally fine and normal to ask for that.

Ask about being on your period during the appointment. Most doctors would prefer that you didn’t come in while you have it, so make sure to schedule your appointment accordingly. You’ll also have to tell the receptionist why you’re coming. Feel free to tell her it’s your first time – she’ll know what to do. Make sure to mention if you want an STD test or if you’re experiencing some kind of discomfort down there. And there’s no reason to feel weird about that. As embarrassing at it may seem, vaginal discomfort is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Lastly, make sure to ask about their confidentiality policies. Most doctors won’t tell anyone (including your parents) anything you tell them during your appointment. BUT there are a few doctors who only have that policy if you’re 18 or older, so before you go, make sure you know what’s up.

Read on for what to expect during the appointment.

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  • Twi-hard

    This just scared me more. I didn’t even change in the girls locker room in high school. I am going this one time because my family is forcing me to and then I’m never going back!

  • Sarah Murchison

    Yeah, I remember being afraid of going to the gynecologist. It seemed that it was the most uncomfortable thing…ever. But then you learn how important it is and you look for a good doctor. In my experience, I just had the wrong doctor. I switched to Dr. Gulinson and learned a whole lot. Good stuff over there.

  • Tiyanna

    I’m so scared (Its my first time) bit at Stanford, I can’t have kids and I wasn’t born with a utaris so they’re trying to figure out if I am able to be sexually active without getting seriously hurt. I’m so Nervous!!

  • Kiki

    @Assma I hate to bring this up, but you should check to make sure you’re not pregnant. Sorry, dude.

    • Morgan

      she hasn’t been preggo for two years….

      • Huda

        I was on BCP for years like 10 maybe? Anyway, I stopped tniakg them in August 2008 in hopes of getting pregnant and at the same time I read up on the FAM and began charting to TTC. It took my body a long time to adjust to coming off the pills, much longer than they say it will, and I guess I’m just unlucky that way because I know that it varies from woman to woman. I also went through trouble with my period being irregular, although not as bad as you, and major skin issues, no fun. But 10 months later, we finally conceived our son who was born in Febrary 2010. Once I was cleared by my OB/GYN I went back on hormonal BCP because we absolutely did not want another baby so soon after our first and considering the crazy schedule you have with a newborn in the house it just seemed like the best option for us. Now that he is 10 months old and our schedule has calmed down (he has been sleeping through the night for a while now, which as you probably know is very important to tracking your BBT) I’m planning to return to the FAM, this time to avoid pregnancy, after I finish this month’s pack of pills. I have mixed feelings, I really want to get off BCP. I don’t like relying on artificial hormones and it took me so long for my body to recover from them the first time that it scares me that it will affect future pregnancies. But at the same time, after using BCP to avoid pregnancy for 10+ years and only being off it for the purpose of achieving pregnancy it’s going to be quite the change to rely on my own body, and my knowledge of it to avoid pregnancy. Have you ever looked into something like the non-hormonal IUD? Admittedly, I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard that some women really like it. Although, it may not be the best option for you since you’re hoping to TTC within the next year.

  • Assma

    That looks so scary.. I have to go to the Gyno (it’s my first time) because i didn’ have my period for like 2 years !!! i know, that’s weird.. so wish me luck !!!