Dumped for the Holidays

single at christmasDeck the halls with boughs of oh HELL NO. You’ve just been dumped? Girl, we’re gonna get you back on the holiday track, fast.

Sometimes in life we’re the dumper and at other times we’re the dumpee but being dumped during the holiday season makes the cruel cut even more bitter. In addition to missing your sweetie’s smile there’s one less gift you’ll be getting and one less mistletoe kiss. Take heart in knowing that you are not alone (even if you now technically are!). You know when the most breakup notices start scrolling through your FB wall? Yup. Right around Christmas and New Year’s and then right before Valentine’s Day.

These Dos and Don’ts will get you through the holidays—even with a broken heart:

1. DO celebrate your single status.

Anyone who would break up with someone as fab as you during the holidays must be a loser of the highest jerkitude. Thank goodness that you’ve been freed from that person who clearly does not deserve you. Walk into all of those holiday parties and events proud with your head held high—you look good, and who knows? Someone cute just might have you on their Christmas list!

I know. You're a sad panda. Or . . . pug.

2. DON’T feel the need to confront your ex.

You’re going to have to give whatever closure you need to yourself. Yes, it hurts but life is about moving forward, not backward. When I spoke to one of my aunts once about going back to an ex she said, “You don’t eat your vomit.” Gross, but ‘nuff said. Let over be over, or as one of my favorite books taught me, “It’s called a breakup because it’s broken.”

3. DO allow yourself time to be sad.

Something awful happened to beautiful, human you. It is natural to sob and fall apart. Bawl, scream, cry your eyes out. Trying to fake being happy when we’re sad is like slapping a bright, yellow smiley face on smelly dog poo. It won’t help.

4. DON’T stay on the kitchen floor crying alone.

While you are allowing yourself to feel your feelings, girl, thou shalt not wallow. Get up off the kitchen floor, dry your face and take a shower, for Pete’s sake! Life goes on, and you want to look good every day of it. Also? Just a tip: Your friends are your best allies right now—they can really bring you up and help you feel better, but they don’t want to hang out with you when you smell bad. (Like I said, hop in the shower!)

By activities, I don't mean raiding the freezer.

5. DO indulge in corny holiday behavior.

Find silly DIY projects for gifts and ornaments, or start a rad new journal just for you. Turn to the Hallmark Channel and veg out to sappy holiday movies. Go online and watch your favorite funny videos and comedy flicks. Make holiday cards expressing your appreciation for the people in your life. Holiday distraction is awesome at times like these.

6. DO know that you will get over it.

Time really does help. Amazing things happen and awful things happen—yes, even right before the holidays. It’s all part of life. I promise that you’ll have much happier holidays to come.

7. DO love yourself.

When you’re thinking about others this year don’t forget to give some extra special love to your bestest friend in the whole wide world, YOU. Make a playlist of “I’m A Survivor” songs like Katy Perry’s “Firework,” Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and Christina Auilera’s classic “Beautiful” and invite some girlfriends over for a mini dance party.

But most of all? Have a happy holiday, gorgeous. This is the time of year for celebrating magic—and even though your life doesn’t feel much like a fairy tale right now, I know there’s some wonderful stuff just around the corner for you. 

What are you doing to brighten up the holidays? Tell us in comments!

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  • renn101

    8. move on. find somebody better that will appreciate you. thats what i did and im happier because of it 🙂