Confession: I Wear Makeup to the Gym

makeup to the gym

No need for glitter eyeshadow, but I do want to look presentable!

When you walk into my gym, the first thing you see, emblazoned on the wall in huge block letters, are the words: “NO JUDGEMENTS.” Immediately under this statement is what is quite possibly the largest wall of mirrors in New York City—or, actually, maybe in the world!

This is obviously a pretty cruel combination, but if I’m supposed to stare at my (sweaty, suffering-through-it, spandex-covered) body without judgements, you can be darn sure I’ll at least be wearing mascara. Smudge-proof, sweat-proof mascara, that is!


I'd like to think I'm a little more subtle than Kim!

Here’s the thing: I don’t look my best when I’m working out. Some girls have swinging ponytails, dewy skin, and bright cheeks when they run—but then there’s me: sweaty, blotchy, with hair that inexplicably frizzes before the elliptical machine has managed to complete its first ellipse.

I would never, ever leave my apartment looking like that—and we’re not talking “natural” here, we’re talking haggard—so it doesn’t really make sense that I would feel comfortable looking that way at the gym, which is, after all, a public place!

Amanda looks awesome as always--with or without makeup!

And this is where make-up comes in: if I can stare into that wall of mirrors and concentrate on my face (still sweaty, to be sure, but even-toned and bright) I’ll have the confidence to let go of vanity and complete my workout. We’re not talking Kim-Kardashian-level face paint here (though if I had paparazzi waiting outside my gym, I’d definitely spend an hour or four perfecting my post-workout look), but just the basics: concealer, mascara, and maybe some blush. I don’t necessarily want to look like I’m wearing make-up at the gym, but I do want to look…human.

It’s not about attracting boys, and it’s not about competing with the dewy-faced girls. It’s about looking okay enough to not care about how I look. So, yes, I definitely wear make-up to the gym. No judgements.

What do you think about wearing makeup to the gym? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Emily

    I started wanireg a tiny bit of eyeliner when I was twelve. Then, first year of highschool, I had really bad acne. A friend introduced me to a fantastic tinted acne cream that my mother bought and allowed me to use. It made me feel better about my skin. Aside from eyeliner, lip gloss (clear) and tinted cream, I didn’t wear anything much else. Nowadays I will put on some lipstick occasionally (except Amy drew on the fridge with it) and I bought good quality eye shadows, but mostly, I don’t wear anything except pressed powder.

  • Kalley

    With the exception of mascara, I can’t help but shake my head at those wearing makeup at the gym. This girl today had bright red lipstick, and blush that looked straight up like a clown. The purpose is to exercise, which automatically makes you feel better, so why do you have to wear make up to feel good enough to work out? That makes no sense to me. Not to mention it is extremely bad for your skin to wear make up when you work out. Lose the insecurity in yourself & stop worrying about other people.

    • Jess

      At my gym girls wear the works like they are about to hit the poles or a night club. I’ve seen girls lots of girls wearing fake eyelashes, eye liner, caked on foundation, powder and blush, eye shadow, hair down all nicely curled or straight. It amazes me why they do it because when I leave half there make up is smudged all over there eyes there eyelashes are peeling off at the ends I just find it pointless. Even with just mascara I find it stings my eyes so I go natural and I feel better knowing I have a fresh face that gets a rest feom the makeup I wear during the day.

    • Alexa

      Exercising does not immediately make you feel better Kalely. For some people it does. But if you read the author of this article’s article then you would know that she wants to look HUMAN not like a clown or super bad. So with that I must disagree. I would definitely wear light make up to the gym. I wouldn’;t put on a whole other face though if that’s what you mean!

      • Ross

        “Exercising does not immediately make you feel better Kalely.” – – – You OBVIOUSLY, DON’T EXERCISE! >:I That’s like saying “Water does not immediately make you feel better.” YES IT DOES! Exercise is the SAME way!

  • Jenny

    Any where I go [that’s mine under here]

  • Jenny

    I have been wearing make up since I was 11 and I wear my signature smokey gray eyes and full of mascara eye lashes

  • Naomi

    I wear make up to my ballet class(just mascara and lipstick) it makes me feel prettier and puts me the mood to be graceful.

    • Wez

      I didn’t wear make-up until I was around 14-15 but spopted wearing it around 19. I only started wearing it again because I wanted to look more professional at work, but that was when I was about 23/24.I wore it because of peer pressure and because my mother never taught me how to wear it (I wore it when I moved in with my dad) I never LEARNT how to wear it properly!I think it’s really important to be taught how to wear it to enhance your natural beauty. And one of the best tips I received was to pick either my eyes or my lips and draw attention to one of them, not both!Now-a-days I only wear it when I go to work because (and I have tested this) my husband can’t tell the difference anyway (apparently I look lovely all the time! lol)Good Luck!

  • Moi xoxo

    I always wear make-up, wherever I go! Just don’t feel comfortable without it! Only natural though<3

  • Leexaappa

    I wear makeup to my volleyball allll the time!ni wanna look good no matter what!

  • Samyscream

    i wore makeup to the gym too i turn red & i hate it. my cousin used to laugh at me for wearing makeup. but she looks good with & without it.

  • ericarage

    I do it all the time!! For the same reason as you + for the super hot trainer =P =D haha I had a huge crush, but I also didn’t want to look horrible while I was working out. Running on the treadmill and my boobs, butt, thighs, and stuff jiggling. Eww. It wasn’t a pretty sight. But, wearing makeup and knowing I could look at least a little pretty made me worry less about what people were thinking and I was able to concentrate more on my workout.

  • cherrichan7

    I did the same thing 🙂
    Being black, my hair goes extra frizzy and comes out my canerows when I get hot…
    Not to mention my face DOES go red in the worst part of my cheeks, even though I’m dark…