For Your FYI: The Pull Out Method

pull out method

Or is that what HE said?

Here’s a sexy little quiz: You and that super hot guy from History class are finally totally making out. Not just like, kissing, but really really into it. ( I told you this was sexy!) You both want to go all the way, but there’s no condom. When he says he’ll just pull out you should:

a) tell him you’d rather run to 7-11 and get condoms.

b) go for it! You love a man with a plan.

If you answered B, you’re in for a big surprise, girl. Although lots of girls and guys use the pull out method, it’s really not a good method of birth control—definitely not one we’d recommend.

I know, I know, you think I’m being judgy or something, but I’m not. I’m just looking out for your safety and happiness. Here are the facts:

  • The pull out method doesn’t protect you from scary STDs like HIV and HPV.
  • Most younger guys don’t pull out in time (hello, pregnancy scare . . . or just pregnancy!)
  • Even if he does pull out in time, you can get pregnant from his pre-ejaculate, the liquid that comes out of him even before he orgasms. 

This goes beyond my opinion to cold hard science—using the pull out method isn’t a whole lot safer than having unprotected sex without pulling out. So, girls? Be smart. Speak up and keep a condom handy if you’re having sex. For more on making sexy time safe, check out our Complete Guide to Birth Control.

What kind of birth control do you or will you use? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Itsyana_bish

    my bf wears condoms and still uses the POM…… aaand im on birth control soooooooooo I think I’m

  • ashely

    me and my bf was using the pull out method for 6 months and i never got pregnant

  • Bekah

    the POM isn’t the best way to do it.and yes it is no lie that you can get pregnant even if he does pull out because pre-ejaculation. believe me I’d know pregnancy scares are NO fon at all. especially if you’re a young teenage girl so please DON’T uuse the POW!!

  • Alexandra

    I don’t know what to say. During my first experience we used a condom. And we still did so during the following months. But one time, we got pretty curious, so we ditched it, and I loved it! And so did he! I never had any pregnancy scares, and he was extremely careful. When he wasn’t sure enough that he could pull out in time, he always put on a condom so we didn’t have to worry about it. And I know we didn’t have any STD’s, because we both got tested.
    For us, the POM worked just fine! I just wish I’ll find another guy that’s this careful and attentive.

    • Anna_jimmy7610

      Being careful and attentive has nothing too do with it. pre-cum can get you pregnant.. on e of my best friend is due on the 9th.. and her and her boyfriend pulled out everytime.. and she has no symptoms until she was 5 months pregnant. didnt even show.. i was the only one that knew and we didnt know for sure until 5 months.. and that was a month after i realized something was wrong. so even if you dont have scares you could be pregnant and even if you pull out you could get pregnant and not even know. You probably have been fine because of when your doing it… around your peak ovulation days.. even if you dont even know you are it could be just chance that you are not pregnant yet.. just saying.. you dont want a baby right now trust me…. and when you get the feeling you are and are freaking out scared it is not fun at all.. and let me tell you me and my boyfriend have been together for a long time, and when we have sex we go at it like rabbits… he wears a condom and still pulls out first.. yeah i mean it sucks cause its not always the best time to pull out.. cum.. and CHANGE THE CONDOM.. but its what we take to be positive nothing will happen… and yes there is stilll a chance that we could get pregnant.. i mean i have had scares just because my body starts acting weird and i dont know how to take it.. but pullin out and thats it isnt a good idea. we take all of those precautions and i’m on birth control… Just a thought for everyone out there:)

      • Dana

        This crap about not knowing…is there something off with most women who don’t know they’re pregnant until the last possible moment as far as their menstrual cycles? Missing a period would be a dead giveaway to me, personally…

  • Astrophe

    I have a lot of things to say about the POM.

    1. Definitely the first time you are having sex you should use a condom. Why? You and your partner don’t have a clear understanding of when he will orgasm. Until you know how your partner reacts to sex and whether he has good body control and awareness, this is totally correct. Use a condom. Also, I totally agree that there are risks associated with not using condoms like STD’s, but that goes for most all forms of birth control and is really a whole separate issue of finding out about a partners sexual history/STD’s/STI’s before engaging in sex.

    2. I think what is missing here is that the POM can be a pretty effective birth control method. For the young couple still learning about their bodies, no, it isn’t the BEST form of birth control. However, saying “Even if he does pull out in time, you can get pregnant from his pre-ejaculate, the liquid that comes out of him even before he orgasms” totally misses a great opportunity for education! Pre-ejaculate CAN contain sperm, but as long as he urinates prior to sex than it doesn’t contain sperm.

    3. “Using the pull out method isn’t a whole lot safer than having unprotected sex without pulling out.” isn’t just an exageration, it is completely incorrect. The POM is significantly more effective and tons safer than just having unprotected sex without pulling out. In fact, this is insulting to your older audience who are in monogamous relationships and rely on the POM, and have for years with their partners without any pregnancies or pregnancy scares.

    • Nia

      You’re actually wrong. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be giving out safe sex advice because your comment is TOTALLY false.

      Urination prior to sex, does NOT protect you from pregnancy.
      Yes, it does clean out sperm that may be hanging out around the inside of the penis.
      However, if you knew more about the male’s anatomy, you would know that sperm and urine travel in separate channels.

      LISTEN UP LADIES!! Sperm can live up to 3-5 days in the body!!
      Guess where it all hangs out??? In the tube where the sperm travels! Not the urine tube!
      When a guy urinates, he is only washing out the penis, and the urinal tube. Guess what he’s not washing out??
      The tube where semen travels! He still has semen in that tube!

      Guess when it comes out??? When he pre-ejaculates!
      Yes, you can still become pregnant. Do NOT listen to these people who claim urination is the trick. It isn’t.

      If it was, there wouldn’t be so many pregnant teenagers running around. Grow up! Realize that as soon as you start having sex, only YOU can allow yourself to become victim to getting pregnant. If you want to start acting like a grown up, and if you want to start doing grow up things, then you need to prepare yourself for the worst.
      That’s what being a grown up is all about.

      Preparation and Education girls.

      • Jess

        Although boys can’t ejaculate and urinate at the same time, they both come out the same tube (called the urethra) so if they would urinate, it would clean out the sperm in the urethra.

    • Dalia

      Before I answer, pelsae understand that I am against abortion, I also am a councellor at a pregnancy care center. That said. Most of the time an abortion done in the second trimester is done while the patient is under twilight sleep or general anestesia. You would not remember anything.I have had three abortions in my life, the lives that I stole will always haunt me. I had 2 abortions that were done within 12 weeks of conception and one done at 20 weeks. As I was leaving the abortion clinic after the procedure, I saw a nurse inspecting an aborted fetus (could have been mine). It was an obvious baby. It was red and in several pieces. This happened when I was 18, I am now 38 and it still haunts me and I imagine it always will.I know what it is like to take a life, to give life and keep it and give life and give it away (adoption). Let me tell you that giving life is less painful than living with the acts of abortion for the rest of your life. It is a painful hole that can never be filled and the more you try to fill it, the deeper and darker it becomes.My oldest daughter was supposed to be aborted. She would have been the 4th. I had the laminara stips put in the night before the abortion. I was 23 weeks pregnant. I changed my mind, I went to another doctor, had them removed. I had a healthy baby girl a few months later. She will be turning 18 on August 29th. Today she and I are the best of friends, I cannot imagine my life without her. I have told her everything about her life inside my belly. She has learned through me that she never wants the same things to happen to her and she forgives her mother for almost ending her life.You need to know what you are going to loose with an abortion esp. this far advanced.

      • awkwardGal22

        What does this have to do with the pull out method?

  • Misty

    As I wouldn’t take back having my son for a minute. I should have choose NEITHER of the choices you gave. I was 18 and should have waited! But again I would not change my 11 year old son for minute. But would have, could have, and should haves can eat you alive.