Ask A Guy: What Should I Give My New Boyfriend For Christmas?

Boyfriend Christmas Gift

All he wants for Christmas might just be... you!

Dear Ethan, I’ve only been dating this guy for three weeks. Should I get him something for Christmas or not? If I do, what should it be? I don’t want to scare him away, but I do want to do something.

With exception of The Talk (“So…what are we?”) and Dropping the L-Bomb, there is no juncture more awkward in the first year of a relationship than the holiday season – especially when it falls within the first month of dating. But as stressful as it may seem, gift giving can be a fun way to further strengthen a burgeoning relationship.

The key is to keep it light: just as you’d be creeped out by a guy who buys you an expensive ring three weeks in, he’ll be made just as uncomfortable (if not more) by a gift of matching “his and hers” bath towels for his apartment. Instead, something cute and economical is ideal. For a relationship less than a month old, I recommend keeping your budget under $20.

What to actually get, however, is a much more personal question. Start taking notice of his interests and desires during conversation. When my girlfriend talks about a knick knack she’d love to own, food she adores, or her interest in a style of art or type of flower, I always jot it down. This running list makes a much easier task of filling each of Hannukah’s eight nights (be thankful Jesus only gave you one). For a guy, this list might include books, gadgets, movies, or even snacks. One – or a small goodie bag of a few – of these items will surely make him smile.

Does he have a sweet tooth? Bake him some cookies.

Ultimately, regardless of what you choose, giving him anything is enough to demonstrate that you’re excited about him. At this point in the relationship, the thought really is all that counts. So for now, instead of aiming to impress, pick a simple gift that won’t add any pressure. Save the hand-knit sweater woven from your hair for next year! And no matter what, don’t panic if he doesn’t reciprocate. He might have just gone through the same nerve-wracking predicament as you—but without a brilliant advice columnist to guide him through.

Good luck!

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