Testing 1-2-3: Getting Gorgeous Eyebrows

these are not gorgeous eyebrows.

My goal: To not look like Bert!

Confession: I’m terrible at tweezing. More often that not, I end up with one perfectly shaped brow while the other still looks like the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Knowing this about myself, I’ve turned to waxing.

A professional eyebrow wax job can cost as little as five bucks, making it an affordable mini-splurge, but still, I prefer to take matters of beauty into my own hands—and for girls like me there’s Gigi. No, Gigi isn’t some fancy salon pro who makes housecalls, it’s an extensive line of creams and waxes for the do-it-yourself beauty queen with budget of a court jester.

I was excited to try these, but worried that neither would work!

Gigi’s products range from site-specific to your handy-dandy all-in-one waxes that are mild enough for the your face yet able to get down and dirty with legs and the nether regions if need be.

After a lot of fine print reading and jar-shaking, I finally decided to test out two: the Strip-Free Microwave Formula ($11) and the Ready-to-Use Cold Formula ($14), and so started the battle of the brow: hot versus cold.

Despite it’s claims to be “strip-free” I found the microwave formula more manageable with the use of the cloth strips sold by the bazillion along with glorified popsicle sticks for easy application.

And the winner is . . .

Initially my bet was on the cold formula. With a heftier price tag, I was hoping it would work better and be easier to use. But contrary to my predictions, the nuked jar held more quality contents and aced the eyebrow exam with only few tears shed in the process. The cold cream did its job, but took longer as it didn’t always succeed at removing the hairs, leading to a lot of wasted strips and wasted energy to boot.

Overall, I think waxing at home works great, and I’d definitely stick with the hot formulas. The cold one? Well, it left me cold.


Do you tweeze, wax, or just let ’em grow? Tell me in comments!

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  • Sarah

    I get my threaded on a monthly basis. I would mess my eyebrows up myself, and since my eyebrows already have a natural shape, the lady just get’s a little of the bushiness away. It cost 12 dollars, but they give you one of those push cards for the tenth one free!

    • Missfiction

      ew but threading: 1. if they slip or make an accident it could ruin your brow forever. 2. they put the thread in their mouths to hold it or something. ew. Try waxing, its cheaper and faster and fun-er i like seeing all my hair on the cloth after its done