Rant: Being Safe Doesn’t Make Us Slutty

red flags

Their jar? Overflowing.

So, there’s this incredibly gross blog, called 100 Red Flags, where a couple of nobody douche-bags are listing the worst “red flags” that make a girl un-datable. The whole thing is idiotic, and if these guys were lucky enough to be dating anyone when they started their project, my money is on them being spectacularly single now.

Picking just one of their so-called “red flags” to rant about was actually hard (Deep question: In a sea of ass-hattery, who’s the biggest ass-hat?)—but with just a little digging, I think I’ve found the worst offender.


Enter “Red Flag” #31: She carries condoms in her purse.

Yup, apparently, it’s skanky and slutty to be prepared for sex; to want to share the responsibility of safe sex; and to—I don’t know— maybe be a mature, sex-positive woman. Most of the guys I know (my boyfriend included) appreciate when the girls they date don’t act stupid when it comes to sex—and also to know that they’re hooking up with girls who are into safety. A girl who doesn’t have condoms would be the one to freak them out. I mean, does she have unprotected sex or something? Ick.

What's in my bag? None of your stinkin' business!

And, believe it or not, these dudes get grosser. They go on to say that although it’s not okay to carry condoms in our handbags (dude, get out of my handbag!); it is okay for us to have a never-opened, brand-spankin’ new, still-sealed three-pack for their convenience, stowed neatly in our bedside tables.

Is it just me, or is the whole “still-sealed” thing a gross parallel to virginity—that like, they want to “break” the seal and pretend that you’ve never been with any other guy before. I’m not saying virginity isn’t something to respect in girls who choose to wait—it totally is—but it’s flat-out gross for guys to fetishize virginity and demonize girls who’ve had (safe!) sex before.

In a way, though? I appreciate these guys advertising their own idiocy. I mean, I would hate for any of my hot single friends to accidentally hook up with one of them. It’s like their blog serves their own giant red flag, loud and proud for all of us girls to see (and run far, far away from!).

Have you seen 100 Red Flags? What do you think of their thoughts on women? Tell us in comments.

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  • Anonymous

    wowww that site is soooo messed up if they really live by those “red flags” then they probably have never had a girlfriend and probably never will

  • Missfiction

    wow what a couple of duchebagz…… they are stupid! id like to slap the crap outta them!

  • Tallis

    Most of their red flags, if you swapped gender roles in it, can be red flags for guy too. (Examples: “Guys who carry condoms in their wallets. “”Guys who don’t eat leftovers.” “Guys who are artists.”) The dudes who made that must not keep girlfirends for very long, when they get them. That website should burn.

  • Saddie

    yea odviously they wouldnt be getting in any of my friends pants. if u dont play it safe with my friends than i would go after they a** bc i dont want be friends getting knocked up like me

  • Sassy

    I think they may be joking, or they better be, because some of the ‘red flags’ are just too moronic to be serious, like the one about girls who like horses being a red flag, the one about girls not liking chicken wings being a red flag, i could go on because they are all pretty stupid. Maybe some girls should make a list of red flags for guys, because there are plenty of red flags for guys. hehe

  • Anonymous

    From what I can tell, on their site it seems to be that they ARE really just interested in sluts. They don’t girls who look out for themselves but rather girls who are vulnerable and slutty

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  • yunsaf

    What jerks! total ass h###s!