Heart On For Smart Sexting

smart sexting

You've got his attention already, girl.

Hey girls? You know all the frenzy about sexting, with reports on the news that say that practically everyone you know is sending nekkid pics of themselves via text? Turns out it’s a whole lot of hype.

Sure, lots of girls and guys send flirty or even sexy messages, but a study out this week showed that only a teeny tiny percentage of teens were dumb enough to send pictures that actually qualify as pornography.

Big hearts for all of you out there who are smart enough to know the difference between sweet and sexy and . . . downright skanky. Now go on and send a flirty message to that cutie you’ve had your eye on. We trust you to know what’s cool to send.

Do you send flirty texts? Then tell us about your smart and sweet texts it in the comments.

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  • huny


  • jai

    Excuse me, gurl.com ? “Skanky”? I thought that your website condemned the practice of slut-shaming. While I can appreciate that you might think it’s stupid, unsafe or naive, I didn’t expect to find that you slut-shamed here.

  • Samantha

    I occasionally role-play with my girlfriend via text but mainly we figure out how to cuddle text it sounds weird but it makes us very happy considering i don’t get to see her much

  • Leslie

    I agreed with ‘scuzz’ right up until she said he showed his friends…you sound like you’re proud that he’s showing off your naked pictures.

    I have a long term boyfriend as well, however it’s strictly understood that they’re for us only. Plus it’s a matter of something so intimate and private, why would you want to share that with the world? It’s actually made us closer having little pics sent between us that we know are only for the person on the other side of the phone to see.

    However it was a long time before I even considered sending him a nude. I was smart about it, waited till I knew I loved him. Till I knew I could trust him. Definitely waited till I was over 18 (please girls, if you’re going to send something wait until you’re not a minor). We’ve learned to have complete trust in each other and he’s a good man. If I ever ask him to delete something, he does; and while I don’t think sexting is for everyone, if it’s with someone who truly cares about you and would never want to hurt you (and as long as you think before you send) I think it can be a great part of a relationship.

  • libby

    i once trried that but it didnt send and boy was i glad the next morning !!! But my boyfriend broke up with me 2 days later for a slut !! his mom found his phone and sal all the naked pics of tabby!!! his girlfriend !! he was sent off to an all guys school so he learned my leasoon

    • anonymous

      dont u mean he learned”his” lesson?

  • scuzz

    Well I guess gurl is calling me dumb and downright skanky. Because I am in that “little percentage” that has sent pornographic photos of myself to my boyfriend. I actually don’t send them anymore at least over the phone because he doesn’t get picture messaging anymore hah. I don’t have a problem with it. Nudity and sex aren’t a big deal to me. I’m not going around sleeping with everyone either. I have only ever had one boyfriend I started dating him when I was 17 and we are still dating now (I’m 19 he is 18. It has been 1 year and 10 months now). I trust my boyfriend but I am also not stupid. He has also told me which of his guy friends he has shown my naked pictures too.

    • Danay

      the fact that you’re okay with him showing the pics to his friends is the skanky part. you might as well let him share you physically and in real life with his friends since you’re okay with him sharing your nude body parts with them through a picture.

      • Amy

        Agreed with Danay. It is really silly to trust someone with that, even if they are your boyfriend. They’ll show everyone. At least with a cheeky text sext, you can blame it on a friend doing it whilst stealing your phone, you can’t do that with a dirty picture.

    • emaleey

      well yer that is skanky duh…..
      he showed his friends and you dont care? have some self respect.