Dig or Diss: Should The Morning-After Pill Be Prescription Only?

Morning-After PIll

It's called "Emergency" contraception for a reason!

Okay, so you had a late-night hook-up, and for whatever reason, your birth control method fell through. Your first reaction is to freak out (a lot), but your second reaction is probably to pick up the morning-after pill, Plan B One-Step, which helps prevent pregnancy.

But what if the morning-after pill required more than a slightly embarrassed trip to the drugstore? Well, the plan to make Plan B available without a prescription has been rejected. In some states, pharmacists can write prescriptions on-the spot, but generally this means that most girls will need a prescription from their doc.

What do you think about this super hot topic?

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  • Rohit

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  • evierose

    the sooner you take it the better it works, so having to wait is stupid! and the prescription thing is stupid because my friend asked me to get it for her once and the big Q&A makes things worse

  • Dee

    Dude if your gonna get preggers and don’t wanna be preggers then no other human being has the right to make you wait another day

  • Anonymous

    YES there is no TIME to make an appointment/go to the walk-in clinic, wait in endless lines to get a prescription. Plan B needs to be taken ASAP.