Testing 1-2-3: A Mitten Built for Two

holding hands

Cold hands or not, we wouldn't let go of Ryan, either!

I think winter is one of the most romantic times of year. Snuggling by a warm fire and chasing my guy around an ice skating rink? Count. Me. In.

But one thing that winter kind of ruins the fun of is holding hands. When my boyfriend and I are both wearing gloves, I miss the feeling his skin against mine—and then if we take the gloves off? Brrrrrrrr! It’s way too cold for that!

So when I heard about the Twitten, an over-sized mitten that two people can share, I knew we had to try it—especially once I found out the company who makes them helps empower women in developing countries. Cool, right? And my boyfriend, who’s a super sweet, hand-holdey guy, was absolutely game.

The design (at least of the one I got) was pink and red stripes: not exactly dude-friendly, inconspicuous colors. And although both our hands fit inside, there wasn’t enough space for us to really hold hands comfortably—and the added heat of both of our hands in one knit bundle made my hands start to sweat (not so attractive!). Still, I kind of liked the over-the-top cute factor (and loved the fact that my boyfriend was indulging me by wearing it!).

holding hands

The Twitten in full-effect. Shazam!

My boyfriend said his hand felt kind of cramped, too; and then warned me that he didn’t think a lot of other guys would be as excited to try the Twitten. Apparently, in Dude World, holding hands in public is actually a bigger deal than kissing a girl in front of other people, because holding hands signifies a relationship, where kissing could just be a hookup. So to a lot of guys, rocking a Twitten is like, a super statement about the two of you. It’s like, you and your honey aren’t just holding hands, you planned in advance to hold hands and felt the need to accessorize your hand-holding! That might be a bit intense for a lot of dudes, especially if you haven’t been dating for long. “Also?,” he laughed, “It’s kind of like an advertisement to other guys that they can beat you up. You’re defenseless when you’re in this thing!”

I’m glad I tried it out (we had fun!) and I think it could be a very cute gift for some girls to give, but I don’t think I’ll be carrying a Twitten in my purse this winter.

Do you and your sweetheart hold hands everywhere you go? Do you have a Twitten? Let us know in comments!

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