Body Talk: Yeah, I’ve Got Booty

got booty

Nicki's butt was padded in the Super Bass video. True fact!

Some people say that nothing is certain but death and taxes, but I have to add one more to that list: my booty. Seriously, this thing isn’t going anywhere. I can work out every day, live on fat-free yogurt, and even wear special “shaper” stockings, but nothing, nothing can defeat my round tush.

My butt has frustrated me for ages. Trying on pants is a complete and total nightmare (anything that fit over my rear was way too big in the waist), and I’ve ripped more than one too-slim pencil skirt just by sitting down too quickly. On top of that, there’s the embarrassment factor. My butt is just so obvious in practically everything I wear, and I used to worry that it made me look trashy at family dinners or at work, and too forward on dates.

Little by little, I began to hide it. I love vintage dresses, and quickly realized that their A-line shapes and big swirly skirts were good for more than just twirling around in. All that below-the-waist fabric was the perfect way to camouflage my rear.

ScarJo's got booty and looks amazing.

For years, I tried to keep my booty under wraps until recently, when I ran out of clean clothes (laundry day always gets you!) and had to wear one of my more form-fitting, but still pretty modest dresses. I felt over-exposed, but kept getting compliments all day on how I looked (and not the car-horn-honking, gross kind, either). I decided to keep that dress in rotation, and slowly added more slim-fitting skirts and dresses—in fact, I’ve even bought a few new ones! And, let’s just say my boyfriend isn’t upset about this switch-up, either.

Although I’m not exactly ready to flaunt my tush like Nicki Minaj, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my butt is a part of me—an awesome, ample, super-stubborn part of me—and that since I’ve got it, I may as well flaunt it (a little).

What body issues have you come to terms with? Tell us in the comments!


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  • izzi

    Soooooo true! Flaunt that booty lol. My butt is big too and I used to hide it but one day I asked my guy friend if he thinks I have a big butt (I don’t know why) and he said yeah but its not a bad thing. So now I flaunt my booty instead of being ashamed of it. Also I wear jeans that have more space in the back and its a lot more comfy

  • hibiscus

    I have a huge butt and my family always calls me fat but im 5’3 and 90-94 punds.. is that fat?

    • Imani

      lol i know how you feel i’m 5’2″ 1/2 and 98 lbs and my family calls Miss Fattie lol but i guess thats because they’ve seen me on thanksgiving lol 🙂 but it might not be how your butt looks but how much you eat.

  • Nefra

    I know what she means my butt is big. But i guess i should be happy it’s round and perky not square and flat. But everyone is always telling me i have a big butt. My mom my dad called it a truck. I mean come on!

  • Adina

    I wish I knew how you felt. I don’t have a butt AT ALL. It’s completely flat. And I’m not exaggerating. I have straight hips and NO butt. If I were to gain weight, All the fat would go to my thighs and my stomach, but my butt would stay completely flat. I hate it. I wish I had to worry about how trashy my butt looked.

  • yunsaf

    i know exsacty how you feel ,i hve the same problem my butt is huge and at first i didnt like it cause everyone told me that itś huge ,even my mum -.- ,but later i got used to it ,itś a part of me that i can´t change and now i knda even like it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    you spelt NICKI wrong

    • Julie Kraut

      Good catch. FIXED!

    • Adina

      no she didnt….