Testing 1-2-3: The Clairsonic Face Brush


My newest beauty indulgence. Pink!

I’m fessing up: I love beauty products. I would probably spend my last twenty bucks in the world on eye cream or moisturizer. All that smelly, pretty stuff just makes me happy. But mega splurges? Normally not my style. Still, when I heard about the Clairsonic face brush, and how it promised to nix my zits and make my pores super small, I couldn’t resist—even with its $100 price tag!

I rushed home, charged my new beauty toy, and realized just how easy it is to use. It only has one button that you push, and then it turns itself off after one minute. Meanwhile? You just move it around your face. So easy!


I was more upset than this little guy!

All the tiny bristles massaging my face felt so good and relaxing, and I thought the Clairsonic was the best thing I’d ever bought—until the minute was over and I realized my face was boilingly hot! Then, when I looked closer in the mirror, I could see small pimples popping up in places I’d never had pimples before! I figured this was probably bad karma for being so indulgent and vain about my skin—and that I’d have to cake on so much makeup to go to work the next day that my skin would get even worse! It just wasn’t a good night.


It was like something magical happened overnight!

The next morning, though, the spots were gone and my skin looked awesome. Like, glowy, gorgeous awesome. I tried the Clarisonic again that night, and the same pattern of nighttime redness followed by perfect morning skin happened.

I’ve been using the Clairsonic for two weeks now, and even though it was beyond scary at first, I’d totally recommend it. It’s pricey, but totally worth saving up for.


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