Video: Dear Dude, Stop Creepin On Yoga Girls

yoga girls video

Bad shirt, bad energy, bad news.

I love yoga. I’m insanely attached to my mat, I have a special water bottle just for class, and my downward-facing dog? Let’s just say it’s fierce.

But you know what I hate about yoga? Those creeper dudes who are always hanging around the studio, or even sometimes coming to class, just to scope out all the girls. Um, loser dudes? You’re gross, insulting, and I hate your face.

Anyway, when I saw this new video, called “Yoga Girl” by DJ Dave and the guys who put out that  Whole Foods parking lot video, I thought it might be making fun of those creeps—which it sort of is, I guess, but it’s still so focused on girls’ bodies and how hot we all look in our yoga pants that it makes my stomach hurt.

Check it out, then let us know if you think the creepers are laughable or way lame.

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