Reader Hook-up Confession: My BF’s Brother Thought My BF Was Killing Me While We Were Having Sex

Have you ever been caught hooking up?

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“My boyfriend’s little brother (he was 5 at the time) came downstairs once when we were staying at his mom’s house, and started punching my BF because he thought he was hurting me. It was like 1:00 in the morning and we were under a bunch of blankets having sex. My BF was on top and it was dark except for the light of the TV, and we didn’t see nor hear his brother coming downstairs.

All of a sudden I looked past my BF’s shoulder and I see his brother coming toward the bed. He punched my boyfriend in the back and said, “HEY STOP DOING THAT! YOU’RE GONNA KILL HER!” Thank GOD we had blankets over us so he was able to get off of me without his brother seeing anything. But he was just like “Oh, no, bud, we were just playing around and wrestling… kind of like you do at wrestling practice. We weren’t sleepy enough to go to bed so we were trying to make each other tired.” And his brother was just like “Oh, ok!”

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  1. avatar MissReject says:

    lol! so cute.

  2. avatar ashlyn says:

    wow that’s hilarious

  3. avatar Cortneyy says:

    awwe thatss Soo Cueeee , lol :)

  4. avatar star says:

    perfect excuse!!

  5. avatar Demmy says:

    HAHA that was too funny :)

  6. avatar Wanna7799 says:

    OMG! Good thing he was naive! LOL!

  7. avatar Ala144 says:


  8. avatar Pokki-Chan says:

    LOL! that sucks xD

  9. avatar Tulip says:

    LOL, poor kid

  10. avatar Hot Nerd says:

    did yall ever tell him as he got older

  11. avatar imma_eat_choo says:

    I wonder if the little bro has a crush on you? That would explain why he was acting so protective… Just a thought. =P

  12. avatar chattiekattie says:


  13. avatar elle says:

    I’m surprised they even put stories like this on here? …

  14. avatar Lilly says:

    Oh my god, embarrassing. I’m so sorry for you lol.

  15. avatar Keryn says:

    Jeeez! That’s gross. I’d have fainted if it was me!

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