Paw-Some: 20 Pets Dressed As Pilgrims

pets dressed as pilgrims

What? Mr. Sniffles wants more turkey?

It’s Thanksgiving weekend—the time of year where we gather together with our loved ones and . . . put our pets in pilgrim hats! 

If the buckles and bonnets on these little guys aren’t cute enough to wake you from your T-Day stupor, we honestly don’t know what would do the trick!

Would you ever dress up your pet for Thanksgiving? Have you ever? Let us know in the comments.



Not sure what’s funnier: the less-than amused look on this dog’s face, or the Photoshop fail.

Taken about five minutes before Fido went crazy in the cranberry sauce.

Pilgrim dresses. All the rage in Kittyopolis.

Is this real life?! Yeah, we have no words.

Prim and puritan and . . . pissed off in this pilgrim dress.

Well, at least he’s color coordinated, right?

Felix asked for light meat. You gave him dark.

She can’t find very much to be thankful for today.

The cape? The hat? We honestly can’t handle the cute.

Does anyone else feel like this cat is trying to hit on you?

Turkey. Hangover. Too. Much. Turkey.

Some people definitely have too much time on their hands.

Ginger was worried about overcooking the sweet potatoes again.

We know. The hat is heavy and you ate too much. But AAAAAAAW!

Those pilgrims sure were a serious bunch.

Okay, I put on the costume. Now will you finally let me eat at the table with the big kids?

Max is hoping his wishbone wish comes true.

He does not want to go for that after-dinner walk.

Watch out for GIANT CAT in TINY HAT!

Snoopy and Woodstock. Not exactly real, but we had to represent, yo!

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