Testing 1-2-3: I Worked Out With A Celeb Trainer (And Survived. Sort Of.)

Hey Nikki, Thanks for loaning me your trainer for the day! xox!

When I found out I was working out with Grace Lazenby last week—she’s the celeb trainer who makes Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Carrie Underwood, and Courtney Cox look so awesome—visions of a newly-svelte version of myself started strutting in my head. Grace has an unbeatable track record of making Hollywood royalty even hotter, and I was so ready to jump aboard the fit train. I mean, damn. I was gonna look good at holiday parties this year.

As I cruised in with my yoga mat and face towel, I thought, “How hard can this be?” I run, swim, and do yoga several times a week—this’ll be a piece of freakin’ cake.

celeb trainer

At first, I felt like this.

The start of our hour and fifteen minutes together was beyond promising. We were on the floor, doing fast-paced versions of yoga moves to super high-energy music. I could totally get into this. I felt like Super Girl. No, Catwoman. She’s sexier and has a better outfit.

Soon we started doing ballet moves at the barre—but it wasn’t the kind of flowing moves I’d done in dance class. The music was still bangin, but suddenly, we were doing these intense micro-moves over and over until our legs were wobbling. It wasn’t that the moves themselves were so hard—none of Grace’s are—it’s just the repetition that kills.

celeb trainer grace lazenby

Grace (left) and me, post-workout, with a brand new appreciation for my fave stars.

At one point, when I thought my legs were going to give out under me, a smiling Grace shouted, “That’s right girls! Get those muscles shaking a little!” Wait. You want them to shake? It hurt—a lot—but visions of a super-fly me kept me going.

Finally, near the end of the workout, I found myself laying on my side, doing endless reps of leg lifts and thought I was going to burst into tears. Never before have I had so much respect for actresses, models, and pop stars who do this on a daily basis. Unless you’re getting paid to look good, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would put themselves through such torture. Nikki, Carrie, Courtney—I have no idea how you make it seem so effortless.

Grace promises that her Rockin Models workout will have you looking like a model, and on that she definitely delivers. The next day, I could actually see and feel a difference in the tone of my legs and abs. I’m sure if I stuck with it that I could actually get athlete, supermodel, Hollywood fit, but I don’t know that I have it in me to commit to a workout regime that seems so much like . . . work. That said, I guess if you want a “serious body,” you have to be serious about it, right?

celeb trainer

The next day, I felt exactly like this.

She also promises that her moves will make you feel like a dancer. Hm. The next night, on a date with my boyfriend, I felt more like 80-year-old woman with a peg-leg than a ballerina.  He thought it was hilarious; I just wanted to down a bottle of Advil. Getting up and down stairs was a crazy feat, and just standing up after sitting at dinner was amazingly painful. Let’s just say I doubt anybody would want me to star in The Nutcracker this holiday season.

Wendy Williams: Best Workout Buddy Evah.

There’s no doubt that Grace’s Rockin Models workout works. Just one session made my legs more toned and firm than they’ve ever been—and I’m sure the more you do it, the easier it gets. I just don’t think I have the patience to get past the initial suffering, nor do I care that much about having rock-solid muscles. For now, I’ll stick with my normal workouts (watching Wendy Williams on the treadmill? Sounds like fun!) and settle for just looking like me.


Have you ever done an overly ambitious workout and regretted it the next day? Tell us in the comments!

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