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Ellie Goulding

We're really digging her style, also.

Confession: we have a huge gURL crush on Ellie Goulding. Not only is she totally adorable, but her electro-folk-pop style music is completely addicting, and we can’t get enough of it. If her name doesn’t sound too familiar, we’re pretty sure her hit single ‘Lights’ will — it’s the song that’s helped make her super popular in the United States, but Ellie’s been topping the charts in the United Kingdom since 2009.

We love Ellie’s music because it’s so easy to dance to, but also perfect chill music. Which, really, is kind of an awesome combination. Although Ellie is much more popular in the UK, she’s starting to gain a big following in the U.S. as well. She made her U.S. TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she’s been a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and even more impressive? She was one of only two musical performers at Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s wedding, and she got to sing the song they had their first dance to. Try and say that isn’t awesome.

We got to chat with Ellie at New York Fashion Week (which, by the way, was her first time attending NYFW), and even though it was super short interview, she still proved that she was totally worthy of our gURL crush. Check out what Ellie had to say:

See? Totally adorable. Who is your dream artist to tour with?

Ellie: I would love to tour with Rihanna because she’s awesome. I met her recently and she’s adorable. But then again, I love big live bands like Mumford & Sons. So it would be like a strange kind of folk/pop/electric kind of thing, like an explosion. And who would you love to collaborate with?

Ellie: My dream collaboration is with Bjork. I don’t think it will ever happen, but, you know, I can dream. And I won’t stop dreaming. So I think her. What are your fashion must-haves for the fall and winter?

Ellie: I just bought a bunch of knit-wear. I’m like Knit-Wear McGee. Isabelle Moran does these amazing knit-wears and jumpers. And in the U.K. it’s freezing, so it’s important for me to have warm clothes. But I wear leather trousers a lot, so those are like my staple of the moment.

What do you gURLs think about Ellie Goulding? Do you have a favorite song by her? Let us know in the comments!

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