For Your FYI: Censoring the Internet

The government is thinking of censoring the internet

Do you want your online life to look like this?

How would you feel if you typed in the address of your favorite website, only to have Google or Yahoo tell you that site didn’t exist? You’d type it in over and over, thinking you made a mistake until you realized you were hitting a brick wall. That could soon be a reality unless we do something about it.

Our government is voting this week on whether or not they should start censoring the internet—essentially forcing search engines like Google to keep you from seeing any sites (regardless of how popular they are, or how many pics of Ryan Gosling they’ve got . . .) that contain pirated material like a song or video. And instead of just saying those sites contain pirated material, they’d have to say those sites didn’t even exist anymore.

Do you think it’s okay for the government to start censoring the internet like this? How do you feel about Google and Yahoo being forced to hide sites that actually exist? If you think there should still be freedom on the internet, you can call your representative or tell your parents that they should. It’s easier to speak up than you’d think!

Does censoring the internet piss you off, or do you think it’s the right thing to do? Let us know in comments!

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  • Shirley Turner

    I am a grandma that really enjoys reading your articles. I have and will always be against censorship of any kind. It could start out innocently enough and then they would start censoring other stuff. Freedom of speach is guaranteed to us in the Constitution. That is there for a good reason. I will send an email message to my Congressmen letting them know how I feel.

  • PunkGlitterGrrl

    Now, I gotta say this, Dammit all to hell, I hate this and hink it’s bullshit, I’m pissed too!! It’s AMERICA, assholes! remember the whole ‘Land of the free, home of the brave,’ thing?? HEY!! Guess what?? It’s not free to censoring everything, and NOT brave to do so, it’s cowering behind the damn desk, WE’RE THE ONES WHO ARE BRAVE and y’know what I say??? Hell to the NO to censoring anything!!!

  • Nicole

    omg nooo! they cant do that :((

  • C

    I’m sorry. I was under the impression that we were living in America, where there is this weird thing called freedom of speech? In one of my classes recently, I was floored when it seemed like the majority of the class would be in favor of censoring TV to the point that the government would be allowed to determine what shows you and your children should and should not watch. As Star Wars so eloquently put it: “So this is how democracy falls: with thunderous applause.”
    Where do we draw the line when the population does not seem opposed to voluntarily sacrificing freedom?

  • Lacie

    Censoring is ridiculous. One step closer to taking away all your rights. Woo… I wouldn’t feel bad for pirating a song from a person who has a walk-in closet for their four hundred pairs of shoes, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    i’m pissed off about this they have no right to do that the internet would like not exist any more if they did that

  • Mary

    This is just not right. Your obviously not pirating anything if you’re just putting up youtube videos or going on face book. This is AMERICA!!!!!!!! I thought this was a free country!!!!!!!! What happened to that????? Looks like someone needs a nice smack in the head with a shovel…

    • Rowan

      Same with Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Z

    It pisses me off!! Like WTF!!!!!!