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Feed the hungry

So much food you're feeling dizzy? Maybe it's time to share the wealth.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while you might already be reeling at the thought of all the goodies you’re gonna scarf (pie! stuffing! sweet potatoes!), a lot of girls and guys won’t have enough food to fill their stomachs.

It’s always been important to think of people who don’t have as much as you, but with the economy being so terrible (I mean, who doesn’t know somebody who needs a job?), poverty is a much bigger problem, and more people are going hungry each year. It’s shocking but true: one in five American kids doesn’t have enough to eat.

Feed the hungry

Even this little guy wants to help!

Want to help? Of course you do, and it’s easy! Go to the Feeding America website to either donate a couple bucks, or to find out where you can donate canned goods and other food in your neighborhood. Giving just $5 will provide 40 meals for people in need—and it’ll feel good, too. We promise.

If you’ve already donated, or if you’re volunteering to feed the hungry this year, let us know in comments!

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