Testing 1-2-3: My First Brazilian Wax

HOT (in more ways than one)

I am a waxing virgin—or at least I’d never had anything waxed until the other day. And most certainly not anything down there, if you know what I mean.

But, a girl’s gotta try everything once so I decided to go all out and get a Brazilian. For those who don’t know, a Brazilian wax is much, much more than a bikini wax. In other words, uh, everything (or at least mostly everything) comes off.

I was nervous on the big day, but still determined to try it at least once. “Hi, um, I have an appointment for a Brazilian wax,” I told the receptionist, before sitting in the little waiting area.

My mind started reeling. What is this going to feel like? Is it going to hurt? Um, this woman is going to see my hoo-ha. Is that going to be weird? Like, how much of it is she gonna see? Is she gonna judge me? What if I’m, like, not normal down there? Then I remembered that people get this done all the time, nobody dies from it, and that I was probably going to be just fine.

brazilian wax

Let's just say I wasn't as hairless as this cat to begin with . . .

I laid down on the soft table. “This your first time?” Melody, my aesthetician, asked. “Uh, yeah. Is it that obvious?” I nervously laughed. “No, it’s just that…” her voice trailed off. Awkward.

While mixing the wax, she asked if I would prefer to go completely bare—the most extreme Brazilaian wax—or try a landing strip (something I’ve heard about since I was 13 that the Playboy models get) or another shape. “I can even do a heart,” she boasted. “Um, yeah I’ll just go with the strip,” I said. Double awkward.

She applied the wax. It’s hot and it might almost be soothing if I didn’t know what was coming next. And then it happened. She laid the strip down and yanked it off. You know that feeling when you rip a Band-Aid off a week old bruise? Yeah, this hurts way more than that. It’s a stinging feeling that doesn’t let up. After a while, it just feels sort of numb down there.

I may have screamed like this once or twice!

Once home alone, I took a peek in the mirror. The Brazilian wax looks, well, I don’t know. Not necessarily, good if you ask me.It’s red and splotchy and even though I know this will go away in a day or two, I don’t get why men prefer it so much more.

When I told one of my friends what I’d done, she said, “Oh, now you have to get laid!” Um, really? Because there’s no reason to do this unless it’s for a man?

Would you do this to please your sweetie?

When it comes down to it, my Brazilian wax was awkward and painful. The  idea of going through about 30 minutes of agony for a man seems silly to me. If you’re doing it for you, awesome. But if some guy is asking you to do something you don’t really like doing, then he’s not worth it, at least in my book.

So what’s your sitch down there? Do you wax? Do you go bikini or full out Brazilian wax? Do you do it because a guy wants you to? Tell us everything in the comments!

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  • Kathrine

    Regardless of what a man wants, you have to take care of your body the way you want to! No man can, or should, ever tell you what to do with your body, so stay strong and independent! 🙂

  • strawberrykitty

    I really want to get a Brazilian wax. I try to shave it all off with just a razor, but it always grows back within a day (WTF?) and I always end up accidentally cutting myself. Pubic hair is annoying, I don’t like it. I want it to go bye-bye, for good.

  • ericarage

    I tried waxing at home and I will NEVER do it again!! lol I am a pro at eyebrows, I went to beauty school for six months 😀 And we actually had a Brazilian girl that went there too and she was always wanted to wax people’s junk. Whenever a client would want their eyebrows waxed, she always asked if they wanted to get a Brazilian too. She was so adorable and absolutely gorgeous, but it was super hard to tell if she was joking. I actually think she may have been serious :O lol

  • Jaime

    I usually Get bikini its good great for bikini season i want to take more of next time. I’ll fell more comfy <3

  • Nia

    I get a full Brazilian and I do it when I feel like treating myself nicely (or when it is bikini season)! My man doesn’t care if hair is there or not which is fiiiine by me. Thankfully, my first experience wasn’t so bad…