Body Talk: Strong Thighs Are Sexy

Barbie does not have strong thighs.

Barbie and I both work out, but my thighs aren't ever gonna look like hers.

From leg lifts to forcing myself into a pair of Spanx (um, can anybody breathe in those things?), I’ve tried just about everything over the years to get skinnier thighs, but I think I’ve finally come to terms with my curves.

No, I’ll never have “thighs that don’t touch,” but I’ve also realized that legs that skinny aren’t a reality for most women. Only a very, very small percentage of the population has that thin of a body-type—and it’s destructive for the rest of us to try to reach that level of thin. Besides, strong thighs can be pretty hot.

Beyonce has strong thighs.

Beyonce loves showing off her strong thighs, and we love her for it!

My thighs are strong  from yoga and running, and the muscle I’ve built up isn’t necessarily magazine-cover material, but I think it should be. Athletes and dancers and women who do stuff have strong thighs—including a lot of women we do see on magazine covers, like Beyonce and Rihanna. It’s just the magic of Photoshop that turns their strong thighs skinny.

She's got strong thighs

Melanie Moore's strength helped her win So You Think You Can Dance

In that spirit, I think we should all give our legs a little love today. Go for a jog, try out some karate, dance around your bedroom, or do something else to flex their muscle power. If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em.

Have you ever felt insecure about your thighs? Do you know friends who obsess over their weight? Tell us everything in comments!

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  • Thigher

    Girls, don’t be ashamed of your big thighs. It’s more feminine and we, the men, prefer if you’re not skinny. Thumbs up to you, the three commenters.

  • Madeline

    I have always hated my legs. I think my thighs and calves are huge. I hate seeing all the girls at school who are much skinnier than me.

  • Anonymous

    i have strong thighs too. I’ve played softball since i was 6 so I’ve always had stronger and bigger thighs than most girls. sometimes i wish my thighs were smaller like my best friend but recently i realized that i have better exercise habits than her and i will probably end of being healthier than her in the long run.

  • ElizabethIrene

    I love havng strong thighs, myself. Being TOO THIN makes me insecure.
    Having curves and tone muscles looks good on anybody.