Rant: Tinkerbell, Schminkerbell—What About Wendy?

tinkerbell is mean

The image of a mean girl.

Everybody’s got a little magic dust in their heart for Tinkerbell. Little girls have Tinkerbell backpacks, college girls have Tinkerbell keychains. When I was in high school? A little figurine of her, pouting with crossed arms, sat under posters of my favorite bands. But does she really deserve all this gurl love? I actually don’t think so.

I know, I know—she’s your favorite, and I’m being sacrilege. Just stick with me while I go over the evidence:

tinkerbell is mean

Really, Tink? Not cool.

Everybody thinks of Tink as this fun, sassy, mischievous pixie—but her competitive nature is way darker and dangerous than that. You might not remember, but in the Disney movie, Tinkerbell is so jealous of Wendy that she tries to have her killed. That’s right. Tink isn’t just cute, she’s also kind of a gurl-hating psycho-maniac.

But it’s not even her jealous, manipulative, get-the-guy-at-all-costs mentality that makes me think Tinkerbell’s a bad role model. The biggest strike against Tink? She doesn’t have a voice. Not just that she doesn’t use it, but that she actually can’t speak. Sure, in newer, straight-to-DVD versions, Disney decided that she should talk, but original, classic Tink? Completely mute. What does that say about girls and our place in the world? That we should be silent? Mmmhm. Great message there.

wendy rocks

That's Supermodel Giselle as Wendy--but Wendy is so much more than a pretty face.

On the flip-side, Wendy Darling, the girl who first meets Peter Pan in London and then follows him to Neverland, is basically Tink’s opposite— and she’s awesome. Wendy’s an amazing storyteller, which is what Peter loves most about her (yay for girls with voices!); she’s brave enough to help Peter battle Captain Hook; she’s not selfish or bratty; and she looks pretty cute with that blue bow in her hair.

It’s time to toss the pixie dust aside and make room for Wendy—a gurl after our own hearts.

What do you think? Are you over Tink and her backstabbing ways, or do you still love her? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lilly

    What I don’t get is that in the Tinkerbell series she’s not as mean

  • jen

    well in the original books Tinkerbell doesn’t talk, and they say that fairies can only experience one emotion at a time in extreme forms and obviously a short Disney movie can’t fit in every single detail.

    • kera ella

      so? Does that somehow make it any better? And aside from that, all the crap little girls have featuring Tinkerbell on it or whatever isn’t really cute or great either: if their role model is a Disney character, not even a real person, but an animated fairy, (a curvy blonde fairy no less), then what kind of impact will that have on them later? Not with Tinkerbell in particular, but with any other pop culture figure?