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Facebook Wall Post

What do you write on people's walls?

Okay, so pretty much no one can deny that Facebook has kind of taken over the world — for most people at least. Most people check their Facebook page at least once a day, and we mean, admit it… the site can be pretty addicting. But just because we’re on FB all the time, does that mean we should be sharing every private thought that goes through our head on our friend’s walls? How far is too far when you’re getting personal on Facebook?

As it turns out, the gURL editors all feel a little differently about getting personal on Facebook —and as you know, when we’ve got opinions, we def let you know what we’re thinking! Read on to get our take, then let us know what you think about getting personal on Facebook!

getting personal on facebook

FB birthdays make you feel like a star

Julie: Wall Worries

I’m not a Facebook wall poster. Sending a private message is just as easy, so why not do that? It makes me feel like an old fashioned duddy (Is that a word? No? It should be), but I’ve actually been offended by some wall posts I’ve seen, like people getting personal on Facebook about very serious things—such as condolences or break ups. Aren’t some things too private for public posting? I’m always going to think so.

Even not so private things—like birthday wish posts—aren’t something I understand. I call or text my friends instead. At least, I did until my birthday last week, when I got about a jillion birthday wishes (Slight exaggeration. Maybe just a billion.) on my wall. The public outpouring of social lovin’ felt incredible! It actually made my birthday better and totally changed my mind on birthday posts. Now I see why I’d want to shout some things from the digital rooftops, but this duddy is sticking to private messages for most things. You won’t see me getting personal on Facebook anytime soon.


getting personal on facebook

Two of Melanie's faves: note cards and cute dogs

Melanie: Cautious Commenter

I’m suuuuper old-fashioned when it comes to notes—in fact, I have a stash of super pretty note cards (you know, real paper ones) in a cabinet at home that I use whenever I’ve got the chance— but I have to say there are some times when getting personal on Facebook is a better option. I mean, if someone I know is going through something really rough and they’re not talking about it on Facebook, I know better than to start blabbing about it publicly.

But when a friend posts that they’ve just found out that their mom is really sick, or I see that a friend lost her job via my FB feed, sending a supportive note via a post on her wall will get to her a lot quicker than a handwritten card in the mail—and sometimes people need to know you’re there with them before the mail arrives the next day! For me, it’s definitely a case-by-case basis. I’m not letting go of my super cool letter-press note cards anytime soon, but Facebook? Yeah. It’s my friend when it comes to being a friend, too.


getting personal on facebook

Mr. Tuxedo forgot to write on Jessica's wall last week. Bad Mr. Tuxedo! Bad!

Jessica: Forever Facebooking 

I’m the gURL who will sometimes write on a close friend’s wall about something instead of just texting or calling her. Why? Not really sure, honestly, since making the phone call would probably be the quickest way to talk to her. But I guess it’s just because Facebook is such a huge part of me and my friend’s lives. We’ll write on each other’s walls about pretty much anything. For me there’s no such thing as too personal when you’re getting personal on Facebook.

I mean, seriously, me and my friends are still in the age group that says that unless it’s on Facebook, it’s not real. For example: if you’re dating someone, it doesn’t really feel legit until you’re in a relationship on Facebook. And it doesn’t matter if you called your BFF twice to say ‘happy birthday’ to her, if you don’t say it on Facebook, it’s considered kind of rude. And I know we’re not the only ones who feel this way. So I say, there are a few things you should keep off Facebook, and by a few I mean practically none.


Do you agree with Julie, Melanie or Jessica? Are you and your friends getting personal on Facebook? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Anonymous

    I usually avoid wall post. I feel I would not know how to say it, or if I should say it, or if it’s too personal or something like that. If I ever write on people’s wall’s anymore, it’s usually just to say “Happy Birthday”, or “Hey, what’s up?”, and I don’t even usually do that last thing anymore. My wall post been deleted too much, so I just avoid it. lol. I’m no good at those. I feel what I have to say is too personal or shouldn’t go on somebody’s wall, so I just send them a message or something. Holla

    • Auth

      You don’t need to do the whole webcam sex thing! The real thing is betetr. Plus he could print screen you or anything and post pics of you all over the net. Trust me, only do it with someone you’re in a serious relationship with and even then, you probs will hardly ever do it cos havin real sex is betetr =]