Video Roundup: Losing Your V-Card In Hollywood


Most EPIC GG moment ever

So, this week, Rachel lost her v-card on Glee and so did Kurt. It was pretty epic. It was also the only show we can remember that addressed a gay teen losing his virginity (can you think of any?)

So we took a look back in time to find the most memorable ‘losing it’ TV and movie moments.


Hottest: Blair & Chuck in Gossip Girl
Blair losing her v-card in the back of a limo may have only lasted a minute on TV, but it was the biggest moment of season 1. And, now that we think about it, probably the biggest of the series. If not for this, we still wouldn’t be thinking about Chuck and Blair now.

Saddest: Rory & Dean in Gilmore Girls
But then Rory lost it to Dean, who actually had a wife at the time. It was heartbreaking for us, but probably even more for Lorelai. The moment drove a wedge in between the two and their relationship was never the same again.

Most awkward Turned Sweetest: Seth & Summer in The O.C.
Not everyone’s first time is totally incredible. In fact, most people’s first times don’t feel incredible… they feel awkward and a little painful. But, you always have a second chance to fix it. No TV couple proves that better than Seth and Summer.

Sweetest Creepiest: Annie & Jasper in 90210
Okay, this scene is cute… but the fact that Jasper is lying about being a drug dealer? Not so cute.

Most awkward: Jenna & Matty in Awkward
Sneezing, strange movements, and really uncomfortable conversation? We guess the show got it’s name for a reason…

Most Uncomfortable-Looking: Bliss & Oliver in Whip It
Losing it in a pool? Yeah, it sounds really awesome, but just imagine how hard it must be. All that floating around, plus water in weird places doesn’t sound very fun to us.


Don’t be shy gURLs… how did you lose your v-card? Or, if you’re still a virgin, how do you want to lose it? Tell us your fave lost v-card moment from TV and share your stories in the comments.

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  • hihihi

    sex feels good

  • Jasmine

    I wanna lose my V card in a pool. that looks cool and im obviously going to be commited to this relationship and so is he because that is obviously alot of work. Especially not getting caught. Of course, I don’t want to be like 15!

  • XOXObunnie

    I almost lost it to my best friends boyfriend

  • Ashley

    I would like to lose my v card to a man that I am IN LOVE WITH, mostly likely on my honeymoon 🙂

    • urGorgeousxx

      Awww , same here 🙂

      • Pastalliny96

        I couldn’t agree more!!! 🙂

  • Wynne

    Lost it at the age of 13 to a 22yo after my brother went to bed…. not exactly the way I always pictured it going :/

    • Marrie

      Did you actually like him?

    • prettyeyes

      Happened to me too when I was 12 but he was 26. Not going to explain details but it happened several times that weekend. I was just too stunned to understand what was happening. All I knew that it felt good. I felt it may not be right but it was the thrill of being with him for those 4 days. He just wanted to do it all the time. He just made me orgasm sooooo much. 😛