Testing 1-2-3: Can Zeno Give You Perfect Skin?



Think she's got perfect skin? Achem. More like perfectly airbrushed!

Hello. My name is Julie and I get breakouts. Still. (It gets better, but never perfect. Sigh.)

Open up my medicine cabinet and creams, prescriptions, washes, you name it, might fall on your head. I’ve even got a Zeno, this futuristic zit zapper than uses heat to get rid of breakouts. I don’t understand how it works, but I also don’t understand microwaves—and since microwaves work really well, I thought Zeno was worth a chance. When a freaky gross zit worked its way up near my ear, I knew it was time to test this thing out.

Julie reading about Zeno

Making duck face while reading about zits? Totes guilty.

First off, there’s an insane amount of reading to do before you use a Zeno. Well, insane compared to the normal “remove the lid and schmear on your face” instructions of other zit fixes. It’s a pain to read,  but Zeno isn’t intuitive at all, so you kind of have to go through the whole thing.

After a series of button pushings, multi-tone rings, and a five-minute warm up process (that the booklet says will only take one minute), you place the heated metal tip of the Zeno directly on your zit.

Julie Using Zeno

Yes, I'm putting hot metal on my face. What can I say? I'm desperate.

And Zeno’s metal tip? It’s hot. Not hot enough to hurt, but it’s not exactly comfortable. You leave it on your zit for two and a half minutes (Zeno counts you down). After that, your skin is bright red and you’re done. Hello, gorgeous?

You can use the Zeno on a zit up to 3 times in 12 hours. I used it right before bed,so I opted against multiple midnight zaps and just went with a one-time trial.

Zeno the Philosopher

This Zeno dude taught "peace of mind" in Ancient Greece. I'd have a little more of that myself if these zits would go away.

Come sunrise, I could clearly see the red area my zit once called home, which was disappointing. That said, the red spot was way smaller and the area didn’t hurt anymore in that pressurey way pimples hurt. It actually felt like the roots of the breakout were gone and all that was left was skin that needed to heal.

All in all, Zeno gets a “more than meh” from me. It’s a little spendy (I found it for $65 on Amazon), and it’s not going to give you perfect pretty princess skin overnight–but if you don’t mind dabbing a little cover-up the day after, this mini-machine makes zits go away faster. It’s def staying in my medicine cabinet!

WDYT? What are your best tricks for getting rid of breakouts? Have you ever tried the Zeno? Let us know in comments!


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