“She Said, She Meant”: Fighting With Your Best Friend

Fighting with your best friend

You can't always play nice.

No matter how much you love her, couldn’t live without her, and would give her your favorite jeans if she asked (shhh, don’t tell her that!)—sometimes you just can’t avoid fighting with your best friend. But even if you’re super pissed, you don’t want to say anything that might totally break the friendship forever. For those times, I think it’s best to institute a little “She said, She meant.”  Hey, who knows, it might just save a friendship!


She said: “No one thinks you look fat. Can we stop with this and talk about that new Ryan Gosling movie?”

She meant: “You know you have the best body in school. I know you have the best body in school.  Everyone knows! Please stop making me compliment you just so you can pretend you had no idea we all covet your perfect legs and abs. It’s just plain mean.”

Fighting with your best friend

Catty? You? Never.


She said: “I swear I don’t have a crush on your brother. That time I came over two hours you came home from the game? I was hanging out with your mom!”

She meant: “Your brother is kind of cute, but his friends are straight up HOT!  Hello, they play varsity lacrosse—and if you’re not around, I get all the attention for myself.”


She said: “I would never tell you who you can and can’t be friends with. Just because I hate someone doesn’t mean you have to give her the cold shoulder.”

She meant: “Feel free to make up your own mind about who you want to be friends with. If you can’t tell that this girl is a total beeyotch and will drag you down, I guess I can’t help you.”

Fighting with your best friend

She thinks everything's cool, but it's so not.


She said: “No, no, I totally got your text and voicemail call wishing me a happy birthday. . . I was just surprised that you didn’t post on my Facebook wall, too. No big deal.”

She meant: “What, are you trying to hide the fact that we’re friends or something? You know nobody else sees my texts. A real friend would have posted love to my wall for everybody to see.”


She said: “I know we said we were going to apply to the same schools, be roomies and pledge together but my parents really want me to apply to some more safety schools. It’s a total bummer, I know.”

She meant: “This might be my only escape. She’s been attached to my hip since I was 3 years old. College is the perfect time to cut the cord.”


She said: “So, what’s up with your new boho look? I thought you were doing the retro mod thing.”

She meant: “Boho is a great look, especially when I started wearing it last year. What is it they say about copying someone… it’s the sincerest form of flattery? She better hope so.”


She said: “I didn’t invite you to go shopping because I know you don’t like Melissa. Remember? You told me about a year ago.”

She meant: “Melissa is uber cool and I kind of want her to myself. So, when she invites me to do something, you’re not getting an invite. No hard feelings though.”

Fighting with best friend

How can I not be mad when she acts so dumb?!


She said: “Why would you think I told anyone you got drunk and lost your cookies at that college party. Remember? I gave you a hair band and helped you reapply lip gloss.”

She meant: “Listen. Nobody had to say anything because you tweeted a pic of yourself hugging the toilet bowl with a thumbs up and a smile on your face. I suppose I could’ve stopped you, but I was too busy laughing.”


She said: “I would never cheat off of you. I know how hard you study, it just wouldn’t be right.”

She meant: “Oh, you think you’re smarter than me? Really? How is it then that I aced Chem 101 last semester and you barely scraped by? Cheat off of you? You wish.”


She said: “Okay, I’ll forgive you for stealing my favorite shirt, but only if you lend me that L.A.M.B mini-dress I love and throw in your new Mac lip gloss.”

She meant: “Why would you take my stupid shirt? I mean, your closet is so good it’d make Blake Lively jealous. I’m totally gonna milk this for all I can get!”


Do you always say what you mean when you’re fighting with friends, or do you speak gURL here and there to get through the roughest times? Dish the dirt in comments.

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  1. avatarKezia says:

    One bad ACTION to take is when your bestie goes for your ex. When she knows the pain I went through and all that stuff. >< I hope she rots in hell for that!!!

  2. avatarShaquola says:

    well this is so messed upo when u think your friends are being sincere but they actually have a hidden meaning.

  3. avatarkraCyTaylover says:

    the worst is hearing one of ur best friends talking critics about the same girl in ur group,,, i going through that and im jult like i dont want to do more friends because if that girl can say that of the girl that was her ”bff”, she can easily be saying stupid and nasty stuff about me,,, and im very insecure in that,,i confess it,,i talk sometimes about people,but the a realize that is just their personality (a crazy one) and feel bad about wat i said,,but theres ONE execption,, sorry,,but theres this girl she thinks shes the best,and when she sees some of her ”friends” acting silly she tells them to stop being stupidly childish and then, U SEE HER ACTING MORE CHILDISH THAN EVERYONE!! >.< i hope she aint going to the same high school im going to..

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