Body Talk: Can Plastic Surgery Stop Bullying?

Can Plastic Surgery Stop Bullying?

What do you see in the mirror?

Eighth grader Navana Britto had a nose job a few weeks ago after kids at school started saying her nose was “messed up.” The comments made her uncomfortable in her own skin, and it seemed like plastic surgery was the best answer.

I honestly do hope everything works out for Navana (who I’m sure was super cute in the first place), but plastic surgery to stop bullying? Kind of extreme, and I have my doubts about it working. Experts say that more and more girls in junior high and high school are going under the knife in reaction to mean comments at school and online, but I’ve yet to see one article where a girl says getting plastic surgery solved her problems.


When she was younger, Lea Michele wanted a nose job, but her mom said no.

As a matter of fact, changing the way you look to stop bullying might only make things worse—it’s almost as if you’re saying the mean kids were right all along, that they were doing you a favor by pointing out how “different” or “weird” or whatever they said you were. And if they do stop bullying you over whatever you “fixed?” Chances are they’re going to find something else about you to pick on anyway—because bullying isn’t actually about you, how you look, how you act, or what kind of clothes you wear—it’s about some other kids who think they need to tear other people down to be powerful.


Who's that gURL? Only Gloria Steinem, the (amazing) mother of modern feminism and body pride.

Gloria Steinem—one of the coolest gURLS ever—once asked, “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” I say no, we don’t need to change the foot (or the face!) but I’m not knocking girls who go the plastic surgery route, either. In total honesty? In ninth grade, I wanted a nose job myself. There was this guy I thought was cute, and I heard him refer to me at a party as “the girl with the wide nose.” Those words stuck in my head for-ev-er, and although I’m still kind of sensitive about my nose, I’m so glad I never got it changed. If I had, I wouldn’t look as much like my mom or my grandmother—women who mean everything to me, and who I’m ultra-proud to look like.

Do you think plastic surgery can stop bullying? Do you know anybody who’s gone under the knife because of mean stuff other girls and guys said to them? Would you judge them for doing it? Do you secretly wish you could have plastic surgery? Get talking in the comments.

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  • Laurence

    There is actually an old Chinese idiom along the lines of “trimming the foot to fit the shoe”, which has an implied meaning of “person who has no flexibility when solving problems; getting your priorities mixed up”.

  • fbigirl12

    i dont think so ethier plastic surgery doesnt stop bulling even if the bullying would stop but you wouldnt be YOU like famous singer kurt cobain said Id rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. 🙂

  • Chalice

    I don’t think plastic surgery can stop bullying–knowing the bullies i know, they’d probably pick at your just for getting work done! People will always look for something, anything to say something mean about–some will even be mean to you for the heck of it. So ultimately, nothing is really changed just because of plastic surgery in terms of bullies. I wouldn’t criticize my friend if they went to those lengths to stop bullies but I would voice my concerns because I believe my friends are lovely people–anyone who would bully them is scum whose opinions are no better than they are ^_^ However, since I can imagine how it feels to hard on yourself for how you look–I can’t really knock anyone getting plastic surgery to try to please themselves. I can only voice concerns and gvie a little advice.

  • Hattie

    I,personally,don’t think plastic surgery does a bit of good when it’s paired with trying to avoid getting bullied. Like said above, they’ll only find something else to pick at you about or pick at the fact that you “got work” done.

    Just like this one guy at my school; first they talked about his shoes;he got new ones. Next, his hair being wild; he got it cut. Eventually, it got to his skin tone; well, he can’t change that (except Bleaching, but, really?) So he eventually put two middle fingers up and ran with the fact that he’s himself. They don’t bother him anymore.

    They key is to simply have an “I don’t give a care” mentality, at least to me. And, coming from me, what someone says does hurt! I mean, it’s you they’re trashing, so, TO AN EXTENT, it’s okay to care, just not to the point where you’re butchering yourself!

    I mean, really, bullying is nothing but ignorance and sorry if someone disagrees. And half of the time it’s not even about trying to feel more powerful. Some people really have a mean heart and/or want a cheap laugh to get others who may not even care about them to like them. If anything, if I were bullied, I’d be a-okay because I know that I’ve accomplished being me, ’cause I know for a fact–if I never tell the truth again–that that’s all I am. Whomever it is that’s trying to downsize me is probably feeling down themselves.

    Anyways, I leave you with this, and NOT TO BE PREACHY: If someone as AWESOME as God has made you the AWESOME way you are, why let someone as small as man tell you that you’re otherwise?

    Not to mix cocky with confidence, but LOVE YOURSELF AND FORGET EVERYONE ELSE! (Well, the mean ones anyway!)


    Hope no one got rubbed the wrong way, and hope I’ve helped in some sort of fashion!

    –Hattie <3 (Look for me on gURL boards as HattieRainbow!)