I Have A Crush On My Teacher. Am I Weird?

Crush On My Teacher

Aria and Mr. Fitz might look cute, but they're also illegal. REALLY illegal.

Dear Heather,

Over the past couple weeks I’ve realized that I have a different feeling for my teacher then other girls do. I have a crush on him and its driving me nuts! I feel like such a creeper. I need to know if I am just really weird or if this happens to other girls too.

First things first: having a crush on your teacher is not weird. It might feel really awkward and embarrassing, but it happens to both gURLs and guys all the time. It’s natural to grow feelings for someone you see on a regular basis, who you interact with a lot, look up to and probably find attractive. You see it all the time in movies and TV shows, and trust me, it happens in real life every day.

Now, that being said, this is one crush you shouldn’t act on. It’s fine to have a little crush — but as long as you are underage and he/she is your teacher, it’s illegal for you two to have any other relationship than student/teacher. Not only can he/she lose their job if you do try something, but they can also potentially go to jail.

Try to keep things innocent. When feelings are involved and things get emotional, I know how hard that can be. But try not to obsess over your teacher, because it will only hurt you more. If you feel like there’s no one your own age to like, don’t worry about it — you’ll meet someone eventually. You can talk about how cute he/she is to your gURLfriends, but that’s pretty much as far as it can go. Just don’t flirt with him/her… even something as seemingly harmless as that can get you both in trouble.

WDYT, gURLs? Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? How did you deal with it? Give us your advice and discuss below.

take care,


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  • Anonymous cx

    I need some advice! We just recently got a new English teacher this year! He is single and in his mid twenties. I’m a freshman I just started high school. I have a major crush on him. He is smart and funny and just a great guy all around. He talks to me a lot in classes and between classes or at lunch. Then the other day one of my classmates blurted out in class about me having a crush in him:( what do I do?!?! #helpmeoutpleasee

  • Jarred

    I think it’s normal and as much as it hurts it is illegal but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel it. I’m 15 years old girl and I have a crush on my 22 years old english teacher because he is so kind plus absolutely handsome, but sadly he is my instructor and nothing more.

  • Lana

    I’ve always liked math so I was so happy when I got this great teacher in grade 10. I had the biggest crush on him in high school he was really smart and he helped me find my way through the high school. I tried to be in all his classes. In a way I think that was a good thing bc I payed more attention in class and did more work (mostly to impress him but whatever)

  • kaycie

    ive never really been the type to just go out and say things but this is pretty serious.
    for a teacher ive known for the past 2 years i never thought of her this way but all of the sudden she would just always light up my day. her eyes also bright and green with a smile that shows both rows of her teeth. i always thought she was atractive just not like this. she can get moody at times but when she does now i dont even notice it its like only seeing the good side of her. also when im not by her its a stronger feeling of the urge that i need her in my life 24/7. PLEASE HELP

  • Jessica_Mahone

    I do too, he’s in his early twenty’s, I call him Jefferson, and He has this exotic Spanish accent and all my friends and I like, so technically, all my friends plus me like him.Its just apart of us teenagers, we like someone attractive,strong,smart,cool,and just friendly! It’s apart of life!! Our teenage hormones r going cray-cray,all Of us girls sometimes want to be in a relationship already, and if u watch that movie with Miley Cyrus in it called LOL, her blonde friend has a crush on the teacher too! See, she was a teenager too! It’s just part if us girls!

  • Jessica_Mahone

    Gotta “LUV” my teach! Lol,

  • Lucy

    I am like… in love with my Creative Writing teacher. I even decided to take Dual Enrollment Government next year instead of taking AP Government just because he teaches the class and I wanted him as my teacher again. He’s married, has children, and is about 30 years older than me. I don’t like him for his looks at all… he’s just such a cool guy. He’s fascinating and has amazing stories and just ugh. I went through a really hard time this year and he was the only one there for me. I think that’s why my feelings developed from, “Wow he’s a cool guy” to “wow I’m in love with him” This article kind of just says…. it’s okay, just don’t tell them.

  • Anonymous

    Ok i have a huge crush on my geography teacher, he’s so cute and i love talking to him, he has a girlfriend though, but i’m telling you now, this isn’t a silly crush, it’s real and i cant get him out of my head:(

  • Taelor

    I’m 18 and I have already graduated and I have a huge crush on my gym teacher and I told him on Facebook and he didn’t reply back and he blocked me. He’s the only one I wanna be with I won’t date any other guy. He is all I think about. He’s not married but I think he might be in a relationship and I asked him that before he blocked me and he didn’t say yes or no..
    What do I do????!!!

    • Janina

      Sorry but this doesn’t sound to good. I don’t think it’s working for him. I would try to just forget about it. I know it’s really tough, but there are who knows how many billions of guys out there. At least one has to be the one. You’ll find him. Don’t worry.