The Sucky Side Of Sexting

Put down that phone, gURL...

You’re hot, you know it (hell, yeah!), and it’s super tempting to share racy photos with your very special somebody–but the consequences of sexting can be, well, anything but sexy. Of course you trust your sweetie, but there’s no way to know that those private pics of you in bed won’t get spread around to other people by hackers, frienemies, or your ex if you break up–and they could even end up online like Scarlett Johannson’s did. Scarlett’s lucky that people forget about nude celeb photos pretty quickly, but in real life, having your foxy photos go viral can be embarrassing, lead to major drama at school (almost half of high school guys say they’ve seen at least one naked pic of a female classmates), and generally turn your life upside-down. Recent studies even show that gURLs in high school are twice as likely to be depressed and five times as likely to attempt suicide if they’ve either sent or received sexts. So it’s no surprise that gURLs everywhere are buzzing about sexting–whether they do it or not.

To try to protect gURLs and guys under 18, some states have taken a stand against sexting and made it totally illegal for young people to send sexually explicit texts–but the laws totally depend on where you live. For instance, if someone under 18 in Texas gets caught sending a sext, they would be asked to attend an anti-sexting class as their punishment. Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, if a minor is caught sending nude or semi-nude photos, they will have to appear in Family Court and have a “status” offense filed under their name, while anyone 18 or over in that state who forwards or sends out sexy pics of anyone under 18 (even if it’s their boyfriend or girlfriend) could be charged with child pornography and have to register as a sex offender. The label of sex offender isn’t anything to take lightly, either–it puts you in the same category of rapists, and can get you kicked out of college and worse. Many people, including a few government officials, think that’s going too far, and that young people should be allowed to do what they want with their cell phones and their bodies without such scary penalties.

WDYT? Is sexting just another way of expressing yourself or is it something gURLs do because they feel pressured to be sexy? Do you think gURLs should be allowed to send whatever they want over text? Have you ever sent a sexy pic you’ve wished you could take back? Get talking below!



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  • Ari

    Honestly, I use to sexting with my ex-boyfriend and I’m scare of this will reflect me in the future. I really I’am , as the article says “twice as likely to be depressed” This is true I’am I can’t tell anybody what I did. The only person that knows is my dad. Long story short The phone company told him everything. After that I txted my ex boyfriend about what happened but when I send it he read it and stop talking to me after that. I’m like its not just me its us, we both did it! WTF like seriously, I regret it. I still love him tho I can’t get him off my mind. I can’t sleep, everything I do its reminds of him. I’m so depressed so I stop eating. What’s the point, I know that I won’t find the one. I always get dumped by guys I date. Now I don’t know what to do?! I am still thinking of that asshole. P.s to everyone Don’t do it, it will change and affect your life forever.

  • Anonymous

    i dont agree with these comments. My boyfriend is 17 and we send nudes to eachother, i honestly don’t think its a big deal.But i do get a lot of shit for it even when i wasn’t dating him because i sent it to my other boyfriend who i was with for 9 months who was 14, they ended up calling me a whore.Its none of their business what we do! ya know?

  • tess

    most def totally helpful but you kinda know that if your sexting the risk your taking sending naked pics

  • Isabel

    I think that if one of the participants is under the age of 18 then he or she should be charged with child pornography; if they’re over the age of 18 then they should be allowed to have a little fun 😉

  • Helena

    It’s still safer sex, right?

  • Anonymous

    I hate that people say sexting is “child pornography”. If your 15 or older, youre old enough to get a job, drive a car, and in some cases start a family, but you cant send pictures of YOURSELF to another person the same age as you?? Thats crazy. Clearly your not a child and adults need to realize they cant have it both ways. Either youre a kid or an adult. The in between to me really doesnt exist.Having to be labled a sex offender for something so stupid as a picture is blowing it WAAY out of proportion. And nobody i know sends pix like that in an email soo…. i havent heard of anybodys text inbox getting hacked #justsayin

  • listlesslady

    I think it depends. I’m in my early 20s, and in a long-distance relationship with an amazing man who loves and respects me. We try to keep the distance from getting to us, so we send each other naughty emails and the like, and it helps keep the intimacy despite the distance. He put himself out ont he line before I was willing to, so I completely trust him to keep the messages to himself, as he expects from me.

  • Alex

    Thi is a hard topic to deal with because there arre so many different laws. I think if there are 2 adults (people of age) then it’s fine, because it’s your body, and your phone. Kids on the other hand, shouldn’t be sexting at all. For one thing, it can get around school, for another it can get put on the internet. If it’s a minor and an adult, it can be creepy, but I don’t think they should be catagoriezed as a sex offender because, you boyfriend/ girlfriend could be slightly older than you. Now if a man or woman is getting young kids to end naked pics then yes the adult should be charged. Thats my opion, and two each is own 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with most of these comments. I think sending dirty pictures between two people who are in an age appropriate, honest relationship can be ok. I have done it in a long distance relationship when we really missed the physical aspect of our relationship. We have since broken up and I was right to trust him– he wouldn’t dream of humiliating me like that nor I him. I think it’s all about maturity and really knowing your significant other.

  • Amber Lee

    I think guys pressure girls to do it. and if girls just do it, to do it, they think they are hot stuff, and they aren’t because thats super bad

  • Becca

    I’m completely against it after an incident. It was the worst thing I’d experienced. It hurt so much because my e-mail was hacked. The pictures were posted on my facebook profile that had also been hacked. I advise anyone who reads this not to share those pictures. Just wait to be in person with that special someone. It was humiliating reporting it to the police. It broke my moms heart and even just thinking about it two years later makes me want to throw up. Respect yourselves and don’t put yourself in that situation girls. You don’t deserve that kind of situation <3 be safe out there

  • ladykilla5

    i know that sexting is a huge thing in this world. sexting later then leads to babies. so i think the law is great and it should not be changed.

  • Anonymous

    Guys send and are pressured to send nudes, too. Either way, it’s child pornography if the person is under 18, so…yeah. Getting labelled a sex offender is accurate. Don’t send around nudes of someone underage if you’re of age, it’s common sense. Doesn’t matter if they’re dating. Heck, in some states it’s probably illegal for them TO be dating. You need to think about stuff before doing it, or should we use the same excuse for a 25 year old sending around nudes of a 14 year old because they’re ‘dating’? Just think before sending or doing something. If you’re old enough to vote, shouldn’t you be old enough to think about things before doing them?