What Should I Buy My BF For His Birthday?

What do guys really like?

Hey, hey. Henry here, answering the questions only a guy can. Do you have a question for me? E-mail them to askhenry@gurl.com and I’ll take a look at them there. Alright, on to today’s question:

Dear Henry, My bf and I have been dating awhile. I’m thinking of getting him something for his birthday but I don’t know what. What are some gifts that you would suggest getting him?

Gifting in relationships can sometimes be as stressful as gunning up for a first kiss. There’s something very defining about that first gift. But, don’t stress. Henry’s got you, gURL.

Thinking about the best presents I’ve ever received from lady friends, they all tend to be kind of homemade. Homemade and from the soul can kill it for a guy. One of the best presents I’ve ever received was a homemade t-shirt for my favorite band. My girlfriend drew the band’s logo on the back of the shirt and ironed on some letters and the shirt still gets me comments when I go to shows.

If homemade isn’t your bag, just ask yourself: What does your guy like? Does he like books? Music? Sports? The key here is to take what he loves and extend it beyond something he’d buy for himself. What’s his favorite band? Ok. Who is that bands favorite band? Get him their album. Or buy him books that influenced his favorite author.

And if all of the above fails, you can’t go too wrong with the old standby: the coupon. Something like, “One night out where we eat that fried food you like and watch the movie with boobs and explosions at the same time. And I pay.” Done and done.

Bottom line: Be honest about who you are, who he is, and where you are in your relationship and whatever present this dude ends up opening on his b-day, he’ll probably like.


So, was my advice helpful? What is the best gift you’ve given your guy? Give me your feedback in the comments and don’t forget that you can drop me a note with your questions at askhenry@gurl.com.

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  • annie

    my boyfriends bday is in 17 days and i dont know what to get him. today was our first kiss but i dont want to buy anything i want to make or show him something (not in that way) for ex. give him kisses in our classes together. in middle school. Can anyone help

  • Vivian

    Am confused,i dnt knw wat 2 give 2 ma bf.his bthday is nxt month.can sumbdy help?

  • Nikki

    I have no idea about what to get my bf for his birthday !! Gift giving is awkward and im scared he wont like it etc etc …
    Because we have only been together for about a month, true his birthday is in january , but im still stressing. + there is always Christmas before gggaahhh

    • Lorraine

      Ikr. So difficult!

  • baby eva

    i dont know what to give to my boyfriend in his birthday can someone help me?

  • dennis

    My girlfriend use facebook and i look up her likes easly with kaarun.com. I sometimes cannot remember actualy her likes but facebook can do that. lonely but true.

  • Cristie

    I gave my boyfrriebd a birthday cake I made and I created a romantic atmoshere to celebrate it with homemade food 😉 Yeah!I like cooking and I enjoy it when people I love taste my recipes!It was the first time I made our dinner and I hope he liked it!!

  • Mary

    I bought him a custom cornhole board (bean bag toss, nothing gross) because him and his friends are always playing. The place I bought it from, Chi-town custom cornhole, has a really good artist. I had them paint on it the scene of where we met, which was hiking outside of SF. He really loved it.

    I can’t remember the url of the store exactly I think it was chitowncornhole.com or somesuch. Either way if you google search it you can find the same.

  • Jade

    I made my boyfriend a box on our anniversary full of 365 reasons why I loved him. He pulls one out every morning and says that it makes the his day start off great every time.

    • Deborah

      i love your idea

      • skybear668

        i made one of those for my bff for her b-day

  • Sidnei

    I made my man a tile with vinyl on it. The vinyl i cut out by hand and is in the shape of a Tiger running at you. Its is his favorite animal in his 2 favorite colors red and black. I’m not sure if he likes it yet because its not Christmas yet and that’s when I’m going to give it to him